Opinion: In This Week Of The Bigg Boss 14 Rubina Dilaik Has Emerged As The Star Contestant By Playing Smart, Intelligent, And Individual Game!


The contestants and the house of Bigg Boss is always a topic of discussion as it is the show which reveals the true personalities of the celebrities who the people watch on screen and follow them and are inspired by them. Basically, the viewers get to see the true face of their idols. This is season of the BB has different than the previous seasons and a lot of new things are happening.

In the house, the tables are continuously turning around. At one point where two contestants are friends turn into enemies within seconds as the game changes. In the house, contestants make new relations some friends some enemies. In the recent episode as well we got to see the most adored friendship in the house of BB 14 of Jasmin Bhasin and Rubina Dilaik is broken.

From day one they were the supporters and best friends of each other and even games and tasks had never brought differences in their relation. But in the recent episode when Jasmin favored Nikki Tamboli because she was in her team made the friendship between Jasmin and Rubina turn bitter. Nikki was once Jasmin’s enemy and Nikki has several times crossed Jasmin and abused her during that time Rubina always stood by Jasmin.

Rubina has started playing her individual game. This has resulted in the differences between her and her husband Abhinav Shukla. Rubina has correctly told her husband that Jasmin is using him. She is of the opinion that Jasmin is manipulating. Jasmin initially will talk with everyone very nicely and sweetly and when they talk against her she will be like they are disrespecting her despite her being nice to them.

Earlier, a lot of people have told Rubina that she is not playing individual game plays as per Abhinav’s perception but now she has proved that she is smart and playing her own game. In the last few episodes, several disputes have taken place between the couple. Rubina has faced a lot of disrespect from the housemates because of her relationship with Abhinav which is unnecessary and wrong.

Rather, Rubina is the one who deserves to be in the house and fighting her own game. She is best suited for the Bigg Boss. She has taken her own stands alone and individually. She has listened to Abhinav she has done what she felt right.  

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