Opinion: BTS ARMY Believes BTS Is BTS And Not The Beatles Of The 21st Century; Here’s Why!


K-Pop band BTS is soon going to receive another award by the Wall Street Journal Magazine’s Innovator Awards. This has left BTS fandom amazed and they are celebrating this achievement. This year has been very special for bangtan boys especially because of their song ‘Dynamite.’ Because of their great accomplishments, their music, and professionalism they are very often compared with the Beatles.

Now, the ARMY is trending on the social media that ‘BTS Is BTS.’ They are expressing their disappointment that K-pop idols are not the Beatles and the comparison is wrong between the two groups and that is correct. Because when we compare two artists we are doing injustice to both of them.

All artists are different and have their own unique characteristics and artistic skills. Their form of expression, their language, their medium, creative process, and fandom demographic are entirely different from each other as well.

The comparison between the two started when the awards received by BTS were similar to that of the awards received by the Beatles. BTS became the first group along with the Beatles to chart three number ones in a single year. It’s important to note that the Beatles’ record was for eleven months and a week but BTS broke the record in just under 11 months.

Thus several people see them as the next Beatles but that has not gone down well with the BTS aficionados. People should understand that BTS has its style of music and songs which is way different than that of the Beatles. They have their own struggle and with the sheer talent and skills, they are reached to the position they are in today.

Comparing BTS with the Beatles is actually an insult for both the groups. BTS had its own journey different from the Beatles and their approach towards pop music is diverse. Even BTS leader RM explained, “We’ve never ever been like Beatles or even more than them. We’re just seven normal kids who love music and performance. Who has a dream to give hope and love and positive energy and inspiration to people in the world.” 

BTS is loved and admired because BTS is being different than others. Above that, they take pride in being different and unique. However, it is okay to compare the stature or the amount of success that has come to BTS to that of the Beatles but what is not okay is to call them BTS. They have not at all walked on the steps of Beatles and they have paved their own way. They are better than BTS only!

BTS is an emotion. They have the power to bring people together and break the barriers. They are working towards bringing change positivity and happiness amongst people’s lives. They always give the hope that everything will be fine and life goes on. They have taught the way of living. They have themselves struggled a lot to be on par with western music pop stars. They have faced discrimination.

Despite of that, they have proved by their talent their worth. Thus BTS IS BTS and shall not be compared with any other artists group, not even the Beatles.

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