Opinion: Seems Like Every Indian Should Become Citizen Of State Of Bihar As They Are The Ones Getting FREE COVID Vaccine But That Too With A Condition!


Ever since the COVID outbreak created its havoc in the world and India everyone is waiting for the vaccine to cure this deadly pandemic. This pandemic had brought the world to a standstill for several months. Thousands of people lost their lives. This pandemic made us realize various other problems prevailing in society.

India faced different problems while battling with the pandemic. Lack of adequate health facilities, economic crisis, the problem of immigrants were some of the prominent issues that got highlighted. After seven we are still in the wait of cure the ‘Vaccine.’ This vaccine will help to save millions of lives globally.

But India being ‘India’ in this health crisis with no medicine we are conducting elections in the state of Bihar. Prior to that national exams were also conducted which had risked the lives of thousands of candidates who had appeared for the exam. Thus, conducting an election was no surprise for Indians. It was very much expected.

Well, what was not expected was the Political Party using ‘vaccine’ as an agenda in the election campaigns and just that but also added it in their manifesto. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has mentioned in their manifesto that if they come to power they will provide free vaccine doses to all the citizens of Bihar.

This came as a shocker for the opposition parties and the common man across the nation. It cropped up so many unanswered questions. Firstly, Should vaccines be an agenda in the political campaign? Because that is something which everyone deserves irrespective of which state one belongs to, race, religion, caste, and gender.

Secondly, why this special privilege only for Bihar? Is the party being partial? It also makes me think about the states which are not under the rule of BJP? Also right now we don’t know the results of the Bihar assembly poll so what if BJP does come to power? Then they will not give ‘free vaccine’ to citizens?

They have politicized the serious issue of a vaccine. It is a national topic not for any particular state. They are literally saying as if ‘give us vote; we give the vaccine.’ This also questions how the Government of India will distribute vaccines in the nation and what their parameters will be!   

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