Opinion: Are We Credible Enough To Question Shah Rukh Khan’s Creative Choices, Curbing Them Simultaneously!?


We all know that Shah Rukh Khan is currently on a hiatus from the mainstream cinema, however, it isnt equivalent to his career of so many countless years in Bollywood coming to an end or his stardom being lost!

Whether he is busy being an exceptional producer, businessman or he is busy being a wonderful father and husband, who are we to tell how and where Shah Rukh Khan should be investing his time on. Today’s leading portals question his standing as a star in Bollywood. Then why do they crave to cash in on apparently, the very same doubtful stardom that he possesses!

Why is it that these leading portals have suddenly became the torch-bearer of criticism over something like acting! Why, because we’re supposed to be the voice of the public!? Then why not act like it for each and every star and celebrity. Why only make an exception for someone like Shah Rukh Khan, after all, aren’t we supposed to be unbiased with our opinions.

Calling out a star of his calibre, for a few unforseen failures of his recent films, might be quite fun. After all, a star of that magnitude shall never come down to respond to the esteemed advice given out by just a portal!

Why do we forget that he isn’t here to make a point, or to prove his talent anymore. The man with an experience quite larger than life, has already proved the calibre he possesses. He learns as he acts, and that shows through beautifully as he plays flawed characters from his films with an effortless streak.

The very thought that fans of SRK flock the theatres to watch his films all for the story and direction, is a secondary factor. A fan, that of someone as charismatic as Shah Rukh go in masses to his movies, all because of Shah Rukh Khan himself! The characters he brings to life and effortlessly so, with so much passion that he truly leaves us mesmerized about him, not the film.

Can we please not compare him to other contemporaries of his, like they’ve been only delivering flawless hits. Because, in that case what’s Race 3 and what’s Thugs of Hindostan and even Veere Di Wedding. There’s no process or theory to having blockbusters at the box office. A film like Race 3 has cashed in perfectly, but failed to impress the audience. A film like Kalank, a multiple starrer with talents that are truly doing mesmerizing work in the industry today, still gave out an unexpectedly very, very disappointing performance.

So, here’s the truth, an actor if that’s whom we want to address the whole criticism at, has got the freedom of choosing whatever films he thinks will bring out his own creativity and craft. The story, the direction is something out of his control, and while we don’t question Salman Khan‘s choice of films, or pass of Varun Dhawan‘s first ever flop like an experiment of his career after giving us flawless performances like that in Sui Dhaaga and October, then I guess we can provide Shah Rukh Khan just as much slack!

After all, where we when he needed to be assured that his content-driven films like Swades are going to work perfectly fine at the box office. And, where we when we needed to put down films like Baaghi 2 or Golmaal 4!? After all, successful films only need two things right, good script and good direction!

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So, why suddenly it feels like we have to be the one to educate SRK on what kind of films or characters he should be taking on to make a success at the box office. Moreover, whether he takes a break to be with family, or for any other reasons, the one thing he has always proved is the fact that his stardom isn’t going anywhere, it stays here waiting, for  whenever he feels better on taking up the mantle again!

On that note, is so important to try making someone feel insulted to a point where we tell him off to stay for as long as he can provide an edge of opportunity to his kids in the industry. With the kind of father, SRK has proved himself to be, it is not a shocking fact that he will do just that when the time is right.

But, why are we talking so loud about nepotism when we are ourselves cash in on the same, which also includes the general public. If the public succeeds in making a star out of someone who’s yet to debut and prove their worth, why does anyone think that a successful businessman wouldn’t try to cash in on that untapped fan-following!?

So, maybe all we need to be is unbiased, and rationally critic a person to a point where it is acceptable on moral grounds. Let’s not try cashing in on someone else’s popularity and stir unnecessary trouble!

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