On International Yoga Day, Ira Trivedi Suggests THESE 5 Yoga Poses That Shall Heal The Mind And Soul!


Life is becoming stressful with each passing day. In fact, our mind has become a sort of a pressure cooker, without a vent or a whistle. You never know when you might blow your top off. You become angrier and far more brooding as a result of all this stress. Slowly, this stress encroaches your entire mind and you take a drastic step. Just look at the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. Despite achieving success and money, he was getting medicated for hypertension and depression. Ultimately the actor ended up in taking his own life. Too sad!

But how do we ensure we stay safe from the stress that Sushant was constantly facing? Our lives are also extremely demanding with multiple tensions. There is a way out, but it requires you to take the first step.

And we have got none other than celebrity Yoga trainer and author, Ira Trivedi, who has over a decade of experience and has been always been all over the media. Be it her columns in the Deccan Chronicle or The Telegraph, she has always provided a wonderful introspection in the topics she has chosen or taken up as a part of her social responsibility.

So, what is Ira’s take on Yoga and is it really effective to beat anxiety, stress and depression? Ira says,”Yoga is connected with the mind and body. The pros of doing Yoga are that it does not need anything. A mat or a towel, anything is fine. It has both, a physical and a mental aspect.

Yoga is connected to the breath. The body-breath-mind connection keeps the body more in sync than without doing Yoga. Yoga means union and here all the three elements are connected.

This connection helps a person to feel uplifted, inspired and motivated. It also helps in beating depression. But you need to do it in the correct way. Wake up in the morning, best if you can rise before the sun rises up. Doing Pranayama, Kapala Bharati, Anloma-Viloma, and you could feel upbeat the whole day.

That was some cool advice. Ira, we shall certainly keep that in mind.

Take some time off and chill out. Your grueling life is like a marathon, so you need to go a bit slow, first. Then choose an exercise form which helps you to beat stress. Be it aerobics, sports, going to the gym, meditating or Yoga, you need to invest in one of those. We at PopDiaries decided to give you an insight into various exercise forms. Today our focus is on Yoga.

Yoga is wonderful for the body and improves the blood flow. It also helps in countering depression by reducing the amount of stress and anxiety in our lives.

Hatha Yoga

This style of Yoga incorporates gentler and slow-paced movements, and it heals the turbidity in the mind by slowing the body rhythm and therefore, reducing the heartbeat and velocity of blood flow. Since the movement and the poses have to be done in a simple way, it is best suited for beginners to pick up Yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga

It links breathing and movement together, pacing starts slow and gradually get faster. It heals all the arteries and veins by removing the unwanted plaque through excessive blood movement.

Ashtanga Yoga

It is an advanced form of Yoga which combines many forms from both, Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. The poses focus on quick, sequenced poses to exercise all the untouched areas of the human body. And it is more physically demanding, so be prepared for the grind.

Bikram Yoga

It was introduced by Yoga Guru Bikram Choudhary. It’s popularity travelled far and wide, after the Yoga Guru started his classes which consisted of high profile celebrities in Hollywood. The whole process of exercise takes place in a hot room where you practice a set series of moves to help blood flow.

Kundalini Yoga

This Yoga style combines both repetitive exercises and combines it with intense breathing. It is meant for a more physically demanding exercise.

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