On BTS’ 7th Anniversary, RM AKA Namjoon Pens The Most Heartwarming Letter to ARMY


On Weverse, in the early hours of the morning, RM , the BTS leader, wrote a heartfelt letter to his beloved ARMY. This letter was drafted with a purpose – to commemorate BTS’ 7th anniversary. The K-Pop Band’s leader gushed and confessed that he loves the ARMY more than love itself.

It’s hard to believe that BTS has been together for seven whole years now. In these times, when trust is missing between people. They had made their debut on June 13, 2013, and now it is the same date but the year has changed to 2020. Seven whole years!

The Bangtan Boys, have in this course, taken over the world. Their talent is undeniable and their persona is an enchanting one. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook have made a space for themselves in our hearts. They have created such a fanbase that has exceeded beyond the borders and they have. become global. In these times, the Bangtan Boys and ARMYs have remained loyal to each other.

This letter, therefore, comes as no surprise. Namjoon, in his words, reflected on this journey of seven years. He transformed from Rap Monster to RM. He thanked the ARMYs for their unending love which made him persist on and on. His concluding words expressed how much he cared for the ARMYs. He loves the ARMYs more than love.


Here is the text of the letter, just in case –

What in fact is time? It feels as if I’m witnessing a rock on some seashore, it’s form changed by the simple and calm comings and goings.. this way and that. A short period of time if considered short… but such a long one if long. It has been a full 10 years since I came to Seoul and entered the Nonhyeondong lodging in the summer of 2010. I truly do feel like a Seoul citizen now.

For it is characteristically Bangtan to do so, I thought I had observed our old and earliest selves many many times, but in the process of thoroughly studying photos from our debut period one after another, I didn’t feel like the me that I had known, so they felt strange and unfamiliar. Like the Gestaltzerfall [in which the whole is other than the sum of the parts like it has decomposed and ceases to have meaning]… As I had debuted as the sharp, foil-permed Rap Monster, I had believed that intensity would mean I would not have changed even if I had changed much. But a person from another era was standing there with a surreptitious smile on his face.

Mm… today, also, I laughed a lot with my friends as we practiced our choreography. I thought also of the spirited letter I had written around the time of debut, promising that I would make you all proud. Dates are… I believe anniversaries are the special signposts in a very tedious and obvious life. It is a curious thing, that we can feel better due to a number.

I, at last, feel like I can breathe easily. It is a true relief that we could race on, healthily, smilingly. If I look to my side, I see friends, who have become much cooler and so I brace myself. Even after seven years, there are a couple of things that can’t be grasped… can’t be explained that rise up in my heart, fiery and strong. Moments that I sometimes miss but can never come again… But, I was happy then because it was then, and I am happy now because it is now. Though it is a little embarrassing to have pictures of the unrefined me posted here and there, the me of yesterday is surely me, so, I’ve now come to want to see the photos of my graduation album that I’d ripped apart a long time ago. (Though if I did see it, I’d surely regret it…)

As I read through the overflowing number of news stories today, also, I had this thought. What is different around the world now compared to seven years ago, ten years ago? In that time, what have I achieved? My hollow shouts, my meaningless motions… and the warm love from places all around the world that did not leave them as they were. In the midst of my floundering helplessness, I continue to mull over what I can and cannot do. In this way, I live out my seventh year. I thank you for giving me life and for allowing me to never give up. That you so much. I will work hard, just like I’ve shouted through the seven years. Starting from Bang Bang Con tomorrow! Still, as ever, I hope that my love is being delivered to you. I love you more than love, ARMY.

– Namjoon

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