On Ajith Kumar’s 50th Birthday, Filmmaker Gauri Shinde Recalls, “Ajith denied a swanky car and opted for a small one to come to the sets of 'English Vinglish’”

On Ajith Kumar’s 50th Birthday, Filmmaker Gauri Shinde Recalls, “Ajith denied a swanky car and opted for a small one to come to the sets of ‘English Vinglish’”

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Filmmaker Gauri Shinde, who made her debut into the cinema industry as a director with late legendary actress Sridevi starrer film ‘English Vinglish’ in which Amitabh Bachchan made special appearance and in its Tamil version superstar Thala Ajith appeared for the same.

Talking about she’s very lucky to have worked with two superstars of Indian cinema, to which she sared, “I am very lucky that I got to work with such wonderful people. Big B and Ajith both agreed to do the part so graciously and that too in my debut film!”

Today, marking Ajith Kumar’s 50th Birthday Gauri Shinde went on to wish him and also appreciated for the kind of beautiful soul he is.

Talking to the ET, firstly the filmmaker wished the actor, saying, “I wish him a lifetime of happiness, health, and a lot more success and another 50 years of all of these. I am sending him a lot and a lot of love and warmth. Hope he keeps doing what he is doing and keeps smiling”.

Gauri, who has immense respect for the actor, found him to be very gracious too, on the same she added, “It was a wonderful experience working with him, however, short it was. He is the most gracious, gentle, and wonderful human being. I think he is a very lovely soul and that is the first impression you get of him. He has got such a nice energy about him and despite being such a great star, he has all these qualities which keep him grounded. I have immense gratitude that he agreed to do this part in ‘English Vinglish’ and I am always going to be thankful for that.”

When asked about Ajith’s simplicity, Shinde had a very interesting memory to share. “He is humble in every interaction on the sets, with people. He is a good human being. One example of his simplicity would be when he had come to Mumbai. And as he had made that journey for us, for the film, the production had sent him a good car as he is a big star to pick him up and get him to the shoot. But he denied the offer and he arrived in a smaller car. We all were zapped because to see him coming in such a small car was not the visual we had expected. But he very politely said that he prefers it that way and doesn’t like to do so much ‘show sha’; it was interesting. He had a lot of fun on the sets with Sri and me. In the little time that we had, we laughed a lot and he, of course, was very respectful towards Sri ma’am, but we kind of lightened up and Sri also made him comfortable. We really had some nice time in those two days,” she reveals.

Lastly asking him on if there’s another project with him is in the offing and to which Gauri replies, “Ajith is too big and busy, so, if I ever have something worthwhile for him and if he agrees, I would love to. It is amazing to work with people like that who are so good at what they do and are also great human beings”.

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