WTF NEWS: Zomato Rider Beats Fuel Shortage & Long Queues with Horse Delivery; Watch Viral Video

The video goes viral as queues and closures due to truckers' protests prompt unconventional delivery methods of a guy amidst the chaos of petrol shortage and long queues in Hyderabad city. Watch the viral video news below.

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In a bizarre turn of events, a Zomato delivery agent in Hyderabad has become an internet sensation after delivering food on horseback amidst long queues and petrol pump closures caused by a truckers' protest against the new hit-and-run law. The viral video captured the unique sight of the delivery man navigating through Chanchalguda streets, waving to onlookers while proudly carrying the food bag adorned with Zomato's logo.


The delivery agent, faced with the unavailability of petrol after waiting in queues for three hours, opted for the unconventional mode of transportation. In the video, he explained to a passerby, "Petrol nahi mila bhai. Teen ghante line me khada raha. Zomato se nikal gaya..petrol nahi mila" (There was no petrol. I waited in the queue for three hours. I left after taking the order but couldn't get the petrol).



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The truckers' protest, sparked by the contentious Section 106(2) of Bharatiya Nyaya Samhita, resulted in massive queues at petrol pumps across Hyderabad. The new law proposed stricter penalties for hit-and-run cases, including up to 10 years in jail and a fine of ₹7 lakh. Fuel supply to petrol pumps was affected, causing frustration among motorists.

While barricades and closures were reported at some petrol pumps, traffic jams ensued on main roads in Hyderabad, several petrol bunks where fuel had run out, and vehicle owners faced difficulties due to pump closures.

The nationwide truckers' strike concluded after the government assured stakeholders of consultation before implementing the law. The All-India Motor Transport Congress called off the agitation, expressing concerns about the steep fines imposed by the new legislation on commercial vehicle operators involved in accidents.


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The peculiar incident involving the Zomato delivery agent on horseback serves as a quirky episode amid the larger backdrop of protests and disruptions in the city. Furthermore, this incident not only captures attention for its unusual nature but also serves as a source of inspiration for others. In the face of challenges, it exemplifies the resilience and determination to continue one's responsibilities by finding innovative solutions. It sends a message that, regardless of obstacles, individuals can explore alternative paths to fulfil their duties and keep the show going on. This unique delivery method becomes a symbol of adaptability and the unwavering commitment to overcome hurdles in pursuit of one's job responsibilities.



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