WTF NEWS: Pune Woman Fatally Punched Husband To Death Over Unfulfilled Birthday Wishes

Shocking incident news unfolds in Wanwadi, Pune, as a woman is taken into custody after allegedly punching her husband to death following an intense argument over unmet birthday and anniversary expectations.

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Usually, many unusual incidents make headlines and the current one from the city of Pune will blow your mind. 


In a tragic turn of events, Nikhil Khanna, a 36-year-old real estate developer, met his untimely demise on November 24, 2023, at the family residence in Ganga Satellite Society. Wanwadi police are currently investigating the case, revealing that the fatal blow occurred during a heated altercation with his wife, Renuka Khanna, aged 38.

Sources from the Wanwadi police station report that the couple's dispute escalated on multiple fronts. Renuka was disappointed when Nikhil did not fulfil her desire to celebrate her birthday in Dubai, a wish she had expressed since September 18. Additionally, tension arose due to the couple's wedding anniversary on November 5, where Renuka had anticipated a meaningful gift. Further aggravating the situation, her wish to travel to Delhi for a relative's birthday went unanswered.

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According to an official statement from the Wanwadi police, the altercation reached a tragic climax when Renuka allegedly struck her husband in the face, resulting in a nasal fracture and severe bleeding. Neighbours, alarmed by the commotion, alerted the police, who rushed Nikhil to Sassoon General Hospital. Unfortunately, he was declared dead upon arrival.

The police are now investigating whether the fatal blow was delivered solely by Renuka's fist or if an object was involved. The exact cause of death will be determined through autopsy

In response to the incident, Wanwadi police have registered a case under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for murder against Renuka Khanna, who is currently in custody. However, reports suggest that she is not cooperating with investigators, prompting authorities to explore alternative avenues, including questioning family members, relatives, and friends for insights into the couple's relationship dynamics.


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Senior Inspector Sanjay Patange stated, "We have started questioning her, but she has not been forthcoming in the interrogation. We will soon start questioning the family members and relatives of the deceased and the accused to know about their relationship in the recent past and other aspects related to the case."

Assistant Commissioner of Police (Wanwadi division) Shahurao Salve added, "As part of the investigation to establish the sequence of events and the cause, we will be recording statements of the complainant, the accused, and all the persons connected to the couple. Based on the investigation, a chargesheet will be filed subsequently."


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Dr Pushpraj Khanna, the father of the deceased, filed a complaint with the Wanwadi police, outlining the strained relationship between the couple since their marriage in November 2017. Dr Khanna emphasized Renuka's behavioural issues, claiming they had caused considerable distress to the family.

Renuka Khanna has been placed under custodial remand until November 28, and police investigations into the tragic incident continue.




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