WTF News: Two Women Married To Same Man Create 'Schedule' To Spend Time With Him

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Many cultures and faiths regard marriage as a sacred tie. It is a legal contract between two people who promise to spend their lives together, share their joys and sorrows, and support each other through good and bad times.


Marriage is also frequently viewed as a representation of two people's devotion, loyalty and fidelity to one another. The concept of a holy connection emphasises the significance of the commitment and the sincerity of the couple's devotion.

However, whether or not one considers marriage to be a sacred relationship is subjective and can vary depending on one's beliefs and values. And a man from Gurugram had other thoughts entirely. In a unique story from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, one guy was able to organise an entire system to accommodate two wives and their two children.

In 2018, a Haryana engineer working in Gurugram married Seema, 28. During their two-year relationship, the couple had a son. When the coronavirus pandemic began in the year 2020, the husband made the decision to abandon his wife and child at her parents' house. Seema stayed at home as the lockdown continued, leaving her husband alone.


At the time, the spouse began an affair with a work colleague. Despite the fact that the man was in a long-distance marriage, the couple moved in together as their relationship grew more intimate.

The engineer eventually decided to marry his coworker. They soon became parents to a daughter. Seema was furious when she discovered that her husband had remarried. She went to see him, but they disagreed. Then Seema returned to Gwalior and filed a lawsuit against her husband for her son's financial assistance.

The couple sought counselling and discussed the matter back and forth. The spouse warned Seema that her son would not receive adequate financial assistance and pushed for an alternative approach.


According to mediator and counsellor Harish Dewan, the couple struck an agreement. The husband was to divide his week evenly between the two women and their children, according to the agreement. Each of the wives had three days off. The spouse kept Sunday to himself to enjoy some quality alone time. The women were also given two separate apartments in Gurugram.


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