Missing Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma's Sodhi Returns Home After Almost A Month!

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Actor Gurucharan Singh, who has been missing since April 22 this year, returned home on Friday. An India Today report, citing the Delhi Police, said that Gurucharan Singh "was on a religious journey." Gurucharan Singh is well known for playing Roshan Singh Sodhi in the Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma.


As per the report, Gurucharan Singh told the police officials during the interrogation that he had left his worldly life and was on a religious journey. In the last few days, the actor stopped at gurudwaras in many cities including Amritsar and Ludhiana. However, he later realised that he should return home.

According to the report, the police also during its investigation also found that Gurucharan Singh was a follower of a sect that practices meditation. He even showed interest in going to the Himalayas for meditation. The Delhi Police had filed a case of kidnapping and an investigation was underway to find him.

Gurucharan Singh, who was visiting his parents in Delhi, was expected to return to Mumbai. His family registered a complaint, informing the police that he had been missing since April 22.

Reportedly, Gurucharan Singh was a frequent user of credit cards and kept many bank accounts for financial activities. Police also found that he operated more than 10 bank accounts. As per a Free Press Journal report, he withdrew ₹14,000 from an ATM. He took out cash and used credit cards to settle the balance on one card with another.

Recently, Gurucharan Singh's father, Hargit Singh, had said that he was unaware of his son not being in a good financial condition. Speaking with Bombay Times, Hargit had said, "I had no idea about my son's financial situation. He never told me anything about it. So I am not aware of all this."

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