Opinion: This Shocking Video Shows The Male Superiority In The South Cine Industry!

During a promotional event, Balakrishna was seen pushing actor Anjali on stage.Discussing the overwhelming male-centric nature of the south film industry.

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A video of Telugu superstar and politician Nandamuri Balakrishna pushing actor Anjali on stage during a promotional event of her film Gangs of Godavari has been facing massive backlash on social media. Netizens are calling out Balakrishna for his 'disrespectful' behaviour towards women.


According to reports, Balakrishna was a chief guest at the promotional event of the film, which also stars Neha Shetty and Vishwak Sen. In the clip that has now gone viral, Balakrishna could be seen pushing Anjali, apparently after she couldn't hear him. Anjali's co-star Neha, who was also present at the event, looked shocked by Balakrishna's actions. However, an awkward Anjali laughed it off.

Reacting to the video, filmmaker Hansal Mehta wrote on X, "Who is this scumbag?"


South Indian cinema has been dominated by stereotypical values. The male hero, often depicted as a larger-than-life figure, has been the central focus, driving the plot and resolving conflicts. Women, on the other hand, have traditionally been portrayed in supportive roles, often as love interests, mothers, or sisters whose primary function is to further the hero's journey.

South Indian cinema is heavily reliant on star power to draw audiences to theatres. Male superstars like Rajinikanth, Mahesh Babu, Allu Arjun, and Yash command massive fan followings that guarantee box office success. Producers and directors, driven by the commercial imperative to maximize profits, often prioritize scripts that cater to these stars, thereby sidelining narratives centered on women.


Female actors, despite their talent, rarely receive the same level of stardom or the opportunity to headline big-budget films. This disparity in star power further perpetuates the male-centric narrative, as the industry remains reluctant to invest in female-led films, fearing lower box office returns.

Even when women do play significant roles in South Indian films, they are often confined to stereotypical portrayals.

But there are examples where South director,Atlee Kumar have made up films like Jawan where Nayanthara got as much importance as Shah Rukh Khan has in the film.


Others like Samantha are also doing quite when it comes to delivering female-centric films that do quite well.”

Though South industry is male dominated but the times are changing slowly and females are getting opportunity to be the equal part of the film as the male character.


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