Sonakshi Sinha Response To Rumors Of Sanjay Leela Bhnasali Throwing Phone On Actors In Anger!

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There are long breeding rumours that filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali has fits of anger while working and tends to throw phones in bouts of annoyance. Now, in a recent interview, actor Sonakshi Sinha, who worked with him in the web series Heeramandi, addressed the buzz, saying these rumours are all made up.


In an interview to India Today, Sonakshi said SLB has been a nurturing soul while bringing the opulent world of Heeramandi, and referenced him as a taskmaster.

“Absolute rumours!” she said, speaking about the phone throwing incidents, adding, “But yes, he is a taskmaster, I won’t deny that. But, he deserves every bit of it because see the kind of work and magic that he creates, right? And if somebody does mess with his vision, I think it’s his right to make sure the work gets done.”

In the film world, Sanjay has crafted an image of being a perfectionist. Actors who have worked with him, from Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor to Ranveer Singh, have been vocal about his discipline and passion towards his craft and bringing the story alive in the best way possible. Over the years, there have been rumours of him being too strict on set, and when at times things don’t go his way, he has thrown phones at actors in anger.

Sonakshi had heard these rumours too before working with him. She said that she has enjoyed collaborating with Sanjay, as “he’s someone who really appreciates talent”. “He was very happy with me. I also did hear these rumours before I went to work with him, but I was very, very happy to work with him on set. He can be really nurturing when he sees that an actor is delivering exactly what his vision is, so, I’m blessed that I got to see that side of him,” she said.

The show, which was released on May 1, explores a story set in the backdrop of the Indian independence revolution. The series showcases the clash between the courtesans of the red-light district of Heera Mandi in Lahore and the officials during the British Raj.

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