A Pakistan Journalist Exposed Details Of Shoaib Malik's Extramartial Affair For 3 Long Years!

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Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik married Sana Javed in a surprise ceremony. It seems everyone was taken aback at the event including staff close to the actress. Later, it was revealed that Sania Mirza had given divorce to Shoaib Malik via Khula some months back. The Mirza family wished Malik all the best in his new journey. Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik had been married for almost a decade, and are parents to a five-year-old son Izhaan. Sana Javed was earlier married to singer and songwriter Umair Jaswal. She left him in 2023 after three years of marriage.


Veteran Pakistani journalist Naeem Hanif in a podcast on Samaa TV has made scandalous revelations about the affair. It seems Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed met one another on the sets of a reality show and developed an instant attraction. When Shoaib Malik was asked to come on TV programmes, he would request TV producers to even get Sana on board. But no one thought something was brewing as both seemed happily married to ex-spouses Sania Mirza and Umair Jaswal.

When Sania Mirza found out about their clandestine affair, she informed Shoaib Malik's family about the same. They flew down to Dubai to convince the couple to rework on their issues and reconcile. But the two were not keen to give it a chance, and decided to divorce. Imran Zafar, who is the husband of Shoaib Malik's elder sister tried his best to make the cricketer and couple understand but to no avail. The entire Malik family has sided with Sania Mirza in the matter. None of them attended his marriage with Sana Javed.

It should be noted that Sana Javed got a warm welcome from the younger brother of Shoaib Malik, Adeel Malik on social media. It seems Sana Javed asked her husband for a divorce after Shoaib Malik ended his marriage. The singer Umair Jaswal was completely shocked. Various videos showcasing the chemistry of Sana Javed and Shoaib Malik on TV shows are going viral on social media. Fans highlighted that Waseem Badami was the first one who noticed the spark between them.

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