Rhea Chakraborty Was Misjudged In Sushant Singh Rajput Case, Says Roadies 19 Contestant

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MTV Roadies season 19 contestant Rajveer Dey expressed his viewpoint regarding actress Rhea Chakraborty's treatment during the Sushant Singh Rajput case. In an interview with TellyChakkar, he remarked that judgment was passed on Rhea without understanding her perspective, resulting in the creation of an unjust image against her.

He stated, "Whatever happened during the Sushant Singh Rajput case whatever he did was wrong as he had committed suicide and people became very emotional and no one wanted to hear about Rhea and hence an image was created against her which was wrong as no one heard her side of the story. But after meeting her I didn’t feel that what people were saying was right or not. For every story there are two sides, the audience heard Sushant Singh Rajput’s side but Rhea’s side of the story was not heard."

Further talking about Rhea not giving him the immunity, he added, “She is very genuine person and she encourages everyone to perform the task, with me she did wrong as I was hurt and she didn’t give me immunity and the last task she didn’t allow me to do as I had hurt my knees. She felt that we would lose the task and I did feel bad about that. The rest of the people will judge, let them do it, it doesn’t matter.”

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