Reports: Gautam Gambhir Demands These Players As Bowling & Batting Coach for India

Gautam Gambhir reportedly suggested India appoints Rahul Dravid as batting coach and Zaheer Khan as bowling coach to strengthen the team's coaching setup, aiming to enhance both departments' performance.

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Bowling & Batting Coach

Bowling & Batting Coach

Gautam Gambhir's Bold Call: The Coaches He Wants for Team India


The former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir, known for his bold opinions and  unwavering stance, has sparked a debate within the cricketing community  with recent statements.  He has publicly declared his  preferred candidates for the crucial roles of India’s bowling and  batting coaches, setting off a flurry of speculation and discussion. 

The Batting Woes and a Need for Change

Gambhir's call for a new batting coach comes amidst India's recent struggles in  the longest format of the game. The Men in Blue have faced criticism for their inconsistent batting performances, particularly against quality  bowling attacks. The need for a fresh perspective and tactical approach  has become increasingly apparent. 


“He's the best in the business”: Gambhir's Pitch for a Batting Maestro

Gambhir has unequivocally stated that he believes **Rahul Dravid**, the current head coach, should be replaced as the batting coach. His reasoning? He  believes that Dravid, despite his legendary status as a batsman, may not be the right fit for the role.  

'Dravid is a great human  being and a great player, but I don't think he is the best batting coach in the world,' Gambhir declared, causing a stir amongst fans and  experts alike.


Instead, Gambhir has thrown his support behind VVS Laxman, another batting legend. He believes Laxman's  understanding of the game and his ability to connect with players would  be invaluable to the team's success. 

'Laxman is a fantastic  player and has a deep understanding of the game,' Gambhir asserted,  highlighting Laxman's potential to bring a new dynamism to the batting  unit.

Addressing the Bowling Concerns: A Proven Performer 


Gambhir's concerns extend beyond the batting lineup, encompassing the bowling  department as well. He has expressed dissatisfaction with the current  state of Indian bowling and believes a change in coaching is needed. 

'The team needs a bowling coach who can get the best out of the bowlers,' Gambhir emphasized, pointing to the need for a coach who can instill  confidence and extract maximum potential from the Indian bowlers.

He has identified **Zaheer Khan**, a former Indian fast bowler known for  his astute tactical mind and aggressive bowling style, as the perfect  candidate to fill this role. 


'Zaheer is a proven performer and knows the game inside out,' Gambhir asserted, arguing that Zaheer's  experience and tactical prowess would be invaluable in guiding the  Indian bowlers to greater heights.

A Bold Statement or a Recipe for Success?

Gambhir's bold pronouncements have sparked a debate within the cricketing  community. Some support his stance, believing that a change in coaching  is necessary to address India's current challenges. Others argue that  the team's performance is not solely reliant on coaches and that the  players need to take more responsibility for their individual  performances.  

Only time will tell whether Gambhir's  recommendations will be taken into consideration by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). However, his bold call has ignited a  conversation that is crucial for the development and future success of  Indian cricket.


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