Viral Video: Deepika Padukone Hits Camera Out Of Fan's Hand Amid Ranveer Singh Deleting Wedding Pictures!

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Mother-to-be Deepika Padukone recently became a meme on social media after she was spotted smacking a phone away from a fan’s hand while they filmed her on the move with her husband Ranveer Singh. We can’t make sure whether she did it playfully or was genuinely disturbed with the phone camera being in her face.


Currently expecting her first child with Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone has been keeping a low profile and hasn’t been spotted too much in the public. As she returned from a babymoon vacation with Ranveer, she was captured by inquisitive fans who were waiting for a glimpse of hers.

Someone sitting in a car took out their camera and started filming the actor couple. While she spotted the camera, Deepika did not pay attention to it at first. However as she exited the spot, she hit the camera and walked away.


This is the first time when Deepika Padukone was spotted after divorce rumours started circulating. It so happened when Ranveer deleted all his wedding pictures from Instagram. Curious fans speculated that there was trouble in paradise and things weren’t too well between the two.

According to media reports however, things are fine between them and not just wedding pictures, but Ranveer has decided to archive all posts before 2023.

Amid this, Ranveer Singh attended an event in Mumbai where he showed off his wedding and engagement rings. Not only this, Ranveer Singh said that these rings are his "favourite most dear pieces." During a conversation with Vogue India, Ranveer Singh said, "One of the rings that are very dear to me is this one — it's my wedding ring, presented to me by my wife. The other one is a platinum engagement ring. And there's of course my mother's diamond earrings and my grandmother's pearls. Personal, sentimental value attached to them are my favourite most dear pieces.”

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