Rakhi Sawant Hospitalisation: A public Stunt Or Suspects Cancer Diagnosis?

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Rakhi Sawant is one controversial celebrity. She has often been in the news but for all the wrong reasons. From her fights to antics, Rakhi knows how to grab attention. Her personal life too has often captured audiences attention. Recently, she hit headlines as pictures of her from the hospital went viral. The Bigg Boss contestant is said to be hospitalised and is undergoing treatment. Of late, Rakhi Sawant is being papped with her ex-husband Ritesh Raj. He in an interview, Ritesh revealed that Rakhi has been detected with tumour in Uterus and there is a cancer scare. After all this, her another ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani has called it a publicity stunt.


Adil Khan Durrani who is holidaying with his wife in Kerala currently shared a video on social media talking about Rakhi Sawant's health. In the video, he said that a year ago, all the tests of Rakhi Sawant were carried out and he even got her surgery done. At that time, everything was fine and she was healthy. He further added that the court date is nearing and if this is a publicity stunt then everything is being noticed by court and public. He said that if Rakhi Sawant is really ill then he is praying for her speedy recovery as he is a good man. But he emphasised that Rakhi's surrender date is nearing and is wondering whether the health scare is just a trick to evade it.


The internet was taken aback when photos of Rakhi Sawant in a hospital started circulating on social media. Rakhi, who often makes headlines with hercontroversial statements and actions has not been doing well and her ex-husband Ritesh Singh revealed details about her health issues informing the fans that she has tumour in her Uterus. Rakhi's ex-husband, Ritesh Singh, provided an update on her health, revealing that she was hospitalized due to chest and stomach pains.

Singh implored fans not to doubt her health crisis. He admitted that although his ex-wife has a penchant for some pretty outrageous antics, her battle with cancer was not a matter of joke or a bid for publicity. “This is not a matter of joke. Rakhi has created an image for herself where people think it’s all drama. If Rakhi is critical, then she is critical. The story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf is often repeated with her. The same scene has happened here. Now, when she is actually critical, a section of people thinks she is creating controversy, while others think she is pretending. Those who truly know her, please wish her well, pray for her. She will recover soon,” he told News 18.

Lately, Sawant was seen in Mumbai with Singh, triggering speculation among online users about a possible reconciliation, as the actress had been engaged in a legal battle with Durrani. Back in October 2021, Sawant astonished everyone by introducing Singh as her husband on ‘Bigg Boss 15’. Nonetheless, their marriage hit a rough patch in February 2022, leading to their separation. Subsequently, Sawant tied the knot with Durrani, but their union dissolved in 2023 amid her accusations of infidelity.

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