Paytm Founder Assures Users: Services to Continue Beyond Feb 29

Paytm Founder, Vijay Shekhar Sharma assures users that their services will continue beyond February 29. Paytm will not shut down its operations and will continue to provide various services to its users without any disruptions.

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Beyond Feb 29

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The recent announcement of Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma assuring its users of continuing services beyond February 29, has brought a sigh of relief to its millions of users. Paytm stands as the leading fintech company in India, providing seamless digital payment services and a range of other financial services. The announcement comes as a reassurance to its users who were worried about its continuation after the recent regulatory changes made by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).


What is the fuss about RBI's regulatory changes?

RBI recently made changes to its guidelines for digital wallets, mandating all payment service providers to comply with the KYC (Know Your Customer) norms of the central bank. The move aims to strengthen the security of digital payments and prevent fraudulent activities. The deadline for complying with these norms is February 29, after which non-compliant users will not be able to avail the full services of their digital wallets.

Paytm's assurance to its users


Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma took to Twitter to reassure its users that their digital wallet services will continue even after February 29. He stated that Paytm 'will continue to engage with the authorities to get the necessary approvals to continue providing seamless services to its users.' This comes as a relief to its millions of users who have been using Paytm for various transactions, both online and offline.

Why is Paytm different from other digital wallets?

Paytm has been a pioneer in the digital wallet segment in India, offering a range of financial services apart from just digital payments. It has expanded its services to include features like Paytm Payments Bank, Paytm Mall, and Paytm Money. With its strong customer base and user-friendly interface, Paytm has become a household name for digital payments in India.


Not just a digital wallet, but a complete financial ecosystem

While other digital wallets focus solely on providing payment services, Paytm has taken a step further in establishing a financial ecosystem for its users. With Paytm Payments Bank, users can open a savings account and earn interest on their balance. Paytm Mall provides users with a platform to shop for a range of products, and Paytm Money offers investment services to its users.

How Paytm is dealing with the regulatory changes


With the deadline for complying with KYC norms approaching, Paytm has already started educating its users about the same. It has rolled out KYC centers across the country to help users complete their KYC process seamlessly. Paytm is also offering its users the option to link their Aadhaar card to their Paytm account for quick verification.


Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma's assurance to its users comes as a sigh of relief for its millions of users. Paytm has been a game-changer in the fintech industry in India, and with its constant innovation and user-friendly services, it has become a preferred choice for digital payments. With its continuous efforts to comply with regulatory changes, Paytm is determined to maintain its position as a leading digital wallet and financial services provider in India.

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