Our City of Dreams Tops at 12th Position in Time Out's 2024 Best Cities in the World!

News: Mumbai shines on the global stage, securing the 12th spot in Time Out's 2024 Best Cities list, representing India's cultural and vibrant City of Dreams! Check out the top 50 cities unveiled below.

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Time Out magazine, known for its annual ranking of the world's best cities, has unveiled its list for 2024, and the Big Apple has once again claimed the top spot. New York City, with its vibrant food scene, diverse cultural attractions, and lively nightlife, has secured its position as the leading global city, earning accolades from both locals and international enthusiasts of fine dining.


While New York took the pinnacle, other notable cities also made a mark on this prestigious list. Cape Town in South Africa secured the second position, followed closely by London, Berlin, and Madrid rounding out the top five. However, what's particularly noteworthy for India is that Mumbai stands out as the sole representative, securing the 12th position on this esteemed list. 

The rankings, a result of a combination of public surveys and expert insights from Time Out's international team, focus on celebrating cities that provide a sense of happiness and fulfilment to their residents. The methodology involves a survey of 20,000 urban residents and leverages contributions from Time Out's extensive network of writers and editors. The evaluation takes into consideration various factors, including culinary landscapes, architectural marvels, and cultural richness, offering a comprehensive glimpse into the unique qualities that define living experiences in diverse cities across the globe.


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Time Out emphasized its commitment to relying on the opinions of locals, stating that the ranking continues to be based on global surveys, targeting those who know their city best. Working in collaboration with the research company Potentia Insight, the survey gathered insights on the quality and affordability of food, culture, nightlife, and overall resident satisfaction. It delved into how residents feel about their cities, exploring aspects such as happiness, beauty, and ease of making social connections.


In recognition of the anticipated resurgence in travel, the 2024 city ranking by Time Out took a refined approach, considering resident relocation desires alongside expert editor insights. This strategic adjustment captures not only the vibrant local life of cities but also their magnetic allure for international visitors.

The list of the top 20 cities is diverse, featuring global hubs such as Tokyo, Paris, and Melbourne, alongside emerging urban centres like Lagos and Hanoi. The rankings underline the global appeal and diverse attractions that cities offer, making them desirable destinations for both residents and tourists alike.

Here's the list of the 20 cities:


1. New York City, USA
2. Cape Town, South Africa
3. Berlin, Germany
4. London, UK
5. Madrid, Spain
6. Mexico City, Mexico
7. Liverpool, UK
8. Tokyo, Japan
9. Rome, Italy
10. Porto, Portugal
11. Paris
12. Mumbai
13. Lisbon
14. Chicago
15. Manchester
16. Sao Paulo
17. Los Angeles
18. Amsterdam
19. Lagos
20. Melbourne
21. Naples
22. Singapore
23. Miami
24. Bangkok
25. Lima
26. Budapest
27. Beijing
28. Dubai
29. Montreal
30. Glasgow
31. Sydney
32. Buenos Aires
33. Kuala Lumpur
34. Manila
35. Seoul
36. Hanoi
37. San Francisco
38. Barcelona
39. Abu Dhabi
40. New Orleans
41. Philadelphia
42. Austin
43. Boston
44. Accra
45. Marseille
46. Taipei
47. Istanbul
48. Osaka
49. Hong Kong
50. Vancouver

As the world anticipates a revival in travel and exploration, Time Out's 2024 city ranking serves as a guide for those seeking vibrant and fulfilling living experiences, reflecting the dynamic essence of cities across the world.





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