Sources Revealed The Real Reason Of Fight Between Orry and Palak Tiwari

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Orry aka Orhan Awatramani and Palak Tiwari's feud has might news all over the media. This happened after he posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp message where the beauty apologizes to him. He shows her the middle finger. Palak Tiwari says she only said sorry because of Sara. People assumed it was Sara Ali Khan, who is close to both Orry and Palak Tiwari. It seems he was not too pleased with the apology and told Palak that she should have done it out of her own if she had some sense of respect. Netizens wondered what went wrong between the two.


Orry and Palak Tiwari matter is being discussed quite a bit on Reddit. A person who claims to know someone who was present at the New Year bash said that Orry was quite high at the party. It seems Palak Tiwari who hardly drinks said something which he could not comprehend. He got upset and it led to that viral Whatsapp chat.

Orry said that while people are questioning him, he said that no one asked what Palak Tiwari did. He said that she was very rude with him, and he did not encounter such behaviour. He replied this when people pinpointed that he could only target a non star-kid like Palak Tiwari.


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