Nora Fatehi's 'Deepfake' Video Controversy!

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Social media was abuzz as actress Nora Fatehi revealed a fake video of herself in her Instagram story, leaving fans shocked and sparking widespread discussion within the online community. The video was an advertisement for a retail clothing company's end-of-season sale. The ad seemed real on the retailer's social media, but the clothing company's website contradicted it. This "scam or not scam" initiative is part of a deliberate awareness campaign by the company to address online financial fraud.


The video commences with Nora Fatehi providing information about an ongoing sale and encouraging viewers to tune in. As the video unfolds, there is a transformation where Nora Fatehi transitions into the character of Vigil Aunty, portrayed by actress and theater artist Anuradha Menon. This character bears a resemblance to Lola Kutty, another persona played by Lola for the channel [V].

The campaign aims to educate the public about deceptive practices and discrepancies between apparent authenticity in advertisements and the actual nature of websites, highlighting the need for caution when engaging in online transactions.

In the video, Vigil Aunty emphasizes the importance of viewers safeguarding themselves from financial fraud by being vigilant for early warning signs. The focus is on protecting one's hard-earned money, with a specific emphasis on identifying fraudulent shopping websites. This entire exercise is part of a well-thought-out awareness campaign by the company to address and educate the audience about the prevalence of online financial scams.

Post a comment Coincidentally, this post by Nora Fatehi came on the same day when the man responsible for actor Rashmika Mandanna's deepfake video was arrested in Delhi. The video went viral on social media in November of last year, prompting widespread calls for regulations on social media platforms.


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