Earthquake of 5.6 magnitude rocks Nepal, sends tremors felt in Delhi-NCR

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, causing tremors that were felt in Delhi-NCR region. The earthquake has rattled the affected areas, raising concerns about potential damages and casualties.

By Megha Badiger
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Earthquake of 5.6 magnitude

Image Credits: Earthquake of 5.6 magnitude

Natural disasters often strike when least expected, leaving a lasting impact on the affected regions and their inhabitants. Nepal, a country known for its majestic Himalayas, rich culture, and spiritual heritage, was struck by a 5.6-magnitude earthquake recently. The powerful tremors not only jolted Nepal but also sent shockwaves felt as far as Delhi-NCR, serving as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of our planet's seismic activities.


Nepal's Earthquake: A Brief Overview

On a fateful day, the calmness in Nepal was punctuated by powerful tremors that shook the nation to its core. The 5.6 magnitude earthquake, originating from a depth of 10 kilometers, had its epicenter in the eastern region of Nepal. This region falls within the active seismic zone of the Himalayas, making it vulnerable to such occurrences. Although the earthquake lasted only for a few seconds, its impact reverberated across the country and reached neighboring Delhi-NCR.

Effects on Nepal


Nepal, a country still recovering from the devastating earthquake in 2015 that claimed thousands of lives and caused extensive damage, felt yet another blow. The recent earthquake triggered panic and fear among the population, reminding them of the vulnerability they face living in a seismically active zone. While the intensity of the earthquake was relatively moderate, it resulted in structural damage to buildings, such as cracks in walls, collapsed roofs, and shattered windows. Fortunately, only minor injuries were reported, highlighting the resilience of the Nepalese people who have learned to cope with such natural disasters.

Delhi-NCR's Experience

The tremors from the earthquake in Nepal were felt in the national capital region of India, Delhi-NCR, which is located approximately 700 kilometers away from the epicenter. The shaking of buildings and the ground caught many residents off-guard, causing confusion and evacuations in some areas. While the impact in Delhi-NCR was minimal compared to Nepal, the incident served as a reminder that seismic activities have the potential to affect regions far beyond their origin.

Response and Preparedness

Nepal, a country that has experienced the devastating consequences of earthquakes, has come a long way in improving its disaster response and preparedness mechanisms. Following the 2015 earthquake, the government initiated measures to enhance infrastructure resilience, promote public awareness, and educate communities on earthquake preparedness. These efforts, combined with the resilience instilled in the Nepalese people, played a crucial role in minimizing casualties and injuries during the recent earthquake. 

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