All You Need To Know About Mumbai's Weather In The Coming Days; Arrival Of Monsoon!

According to media reports, the monsoon in Mumbai is likely to arrive around June 10. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has yet to announce the exact date of monsoon arrival in India.

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The entry of the southwest monsoon in Kerala on May 31 will likely ensure a timely onset of the rainy season in Mumbai. The monsoon rains will begin in the metro city from June 10, reported Indian Express citing an Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) official.


After increased rainfall activity in Kerala in the last two weeks of May, monsoon will likely enter the state on May 31 (with an error of four days).

“Rainfall activity over Kerala likely to increase towards the end of week 1 and beginning of week 2 leading to likely onset of Monsoon over Kerala around May 31 with ±4 days. Overall, rainfall activity is likely to be above normal over east & northeast India, near normal over central & south Peninsular India and below normal over northwest India," said IMD in its weather bulletin on Thursday.

So far, no official statement related to the monsoon's entry in Mumbai has been released. However, the near-normal monsoon onset in Kerala and the absence of anticipated cyclones over the Arabian Sea or the Bay of Bengal are creating a favourable situation for a timely beginning of monsoon showers in Mumbai. Monsoon has entered Andaman and is expected to reach Mumbai between June 10 and 11, according to the IE.


The monsoon normally arrives in Mumbai on June 11. However, Mumbai rains got delayed last year by two weeks because of unfavourable weather conditions like Cyclone Biparjoy. Although, Mumbaikars have to wait till the second week of June to enjoy Monsoon, pre-monsoon showers will bring respite from scorching summer.

The metro city is likely to witness clear sky and very humid weather in the coming days. According to latest IMD forecast for Saturday and Sunday, the city will witness a minimum temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius. Whereas, the maximum temperature can hover between 33-35°C.


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