Viral video: Katrina Kaif Stops Vicky Kaushal After Noticing That They Are Being Recorded!

Katrina Kaif was caught on camera looking uncomfortable as someone tried to record her and Vicky Kaushal without permission during an outing in London.

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Katrina Kaif's team quashed her pregnancy rumours recently, but the buzz around the actor expecting her first baby with Vicky Kaushal refuses to die down. Now, a new video has surfaced on Reddit, in which the actor is seen out and about with her husband in London. Katrina appears to ask Vicky to turn around once she notices they are being recorded.


The video was posted on Reddit and many commented on how Katrina, who was dressed in a baggy black jumper outfit, reacted in it. One wrote, "Why did she go back after spotting the cameraperson?" Another Redditor commented, "She looks mad at the camera person for taking a video."

One more said, "I can feel the tension on mute." Someone also wrote, "She pulls back Vicky because she notices she is being filmed and is making him aware." Someone also wrote, "I’m curious what she did to the camera person after, did she request them to not post, and did they still post?" Another comment read, “People need to stop filming others sneakily.”

Recently, a report by Zoom claimed that the actor is pregnant. However, her representative agency called the report ‘unconfirmed’. “Request all media houses to immediately stop this unconfirmed reporting and speculation,” read a statement shared by Raindrop media. Per a source quoted by Zoom, Katrina's pregnancy rumours are not off the mark.


The source said that 'if all goes well, Katrina and Vicky will welcome their first child in the UK'. The source quoted by Zoom added that Katrina, who has grown up in the UK and owns a house in London's Hampstead, will deliver her baby in London.

The source said, “Katrina bacha London mein hi deliver karegi. Vicky bhi wahin hai (Yes, she is pregnant. They will welcome their first child in London itself. Vicky is already there with her).”


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