Janhvi kappor Had A Panic Attack OnReality Show After Watching Sridevi's Tribute Video!

Actor Janhvi Kapoor recalled an incident when she had a panic attack after watching a tribute video of her mom while promoting her debut film, Dhadak.

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Actor Janhvi Kapoor suffered a personal loss just before debuting in Bollywood when she lost her mother Sridevi unexpectedly. Now, the actor has confessed she was trying to keep a brave face in public, but was crippled with a panic attack on the set of a dance reality show when they played an emotional video in her mother’s memory.


Janhvi made her acting debut in 2018 with Dhadak, the same year her mother passed away. In a recent interview with Mashable India, the actor looked back at the time when she stepped out to promote her debut film while coping up with the grief of losing her mother.

Opening up about the same, she said, “I went on a dance show and it was right after the incident. I was promoting Dhadak and everything was very fresh. My team was taking care that I don’t get reminded of my mother, but this show didn’t tell us that they were going to give a tribute to mom. So they played an audio-visual of all my mother’s songs with an emotional voiceover, and these kids started dancing to pay homage.”

Janhvi admits that the musical tribute was beautiful, but she was not ready for it. “I couldn’t breathe anymore. I started howling and crying. I ran off the stage and went to my van. Had a proper panic attack. They obviously cut all that out and instead put up another clip of me clapping and smiling, and people were like, ‘Does she really not give a f***?’ But what happened was very different,” she added.

There have been times when she was under scanner on how she dealt with the loss after her mother’s death. The actor feels “other people’s judgement was weird”. Janhvi explained her view by saying that when she wouldn’t talk about her mother in interviews, she would be labelled as snooty. However, she was just trying to be happy and cope, and people said she wasn’t affected by Sridevi’s death. She called it a very confusing time.

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