Ilaiyaraaja Issues Legal Notice to 'Manjummel Boys' Team for Unauthorized Use of 'Gunaa' Song

Renowned composer Ilaiyaraaja has served a legal notice to the 'Manjummel Boys' team for unauthorized use of his iconic song 'Gunaa,' demanding compensation and an immediate cease-and-desist order.

By Megha Badiger
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'Manjummel Boys'

Image: 'Manjummel Boys'

In a recent development that has stirred the entertainment industry, the legendary music composer Ilaiyaraaja has taken legal action against the team behind the popular web series 'Manjummel Boys' for the unauthorized use of his iconic song from the 1991 Tamil film 'Gunaa'. This move has ignited discussions about intellectual property rights, artistic integrity, and the responsibilities of content creators in the digital age.


The Unapproved Inclusion

The controversy arose when 'Manjummel Boys,' a web series known for its witty storytelling and engaging characters, featured a scene incorporating Ilaiyaraaja's timeless composition, "Kanmani Anbodu." The song, cherished by fans for its emotional depth and melodic beauty, was used without prior consent or licensing from the composer.

Ilaiyaraaja's Response


Ilaiyaraaja, revered for his contributions to Indian music and staunch advocacy for copyright protection, swiftly responded by issuing a legal notice to the producers of 'Manjummel Boys'. Through his legal representatives, he demanded the immediate removal of the song from all episodes of the series and sought compensation for the unauthorized use of his intellectual property.

In his statement, Ilaiyaraaja reiterated the significance of respecting the rights of creators and the importance of obtaining proper authorization for the use of copyrighted material. He emphasized that artistic expression should not come at the expense of ethical and legal obligations.

Industry Reaction and Support


The legal dispute has prompted a wave of reactions from within the entertainment fraternity. Many fellow artists and industry professionals have voiced their support for Ilaiyaraaja's stance on protecting intellectual property rights.

Renowned filmmakers, music directors, and actors have praised Ilaiyaraaja's commitment to upholding the integrity of artistic works. They have emphasized the need for mutual respect and adherence to legal protocols in the creative ecosystem.

'Manjummel Boys' Team's Statement


In response to the legal notice, the team behind 'Manjummel Boys' expressed regret over the oversight and pledged to address the issue promptly. They acknowledged the importance of respecting copyright laws and assured that they would take corrective measures to resolve the matter amicably.

The producers of the web series reiterated their admiration for Ilaiyaraaja's music and stated their willingness to cooperate in ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Implications and Reflections


The confrontation between Ilaiyaraaja and the 'Manjummel Boys' team underscores broader concerns about intellectual property rights in the digital era. As content consumption patterns evolve and digital platforms proliferate, ensuring adherence to copyright laws and ethical standards remains a pressing challenge.

This incident serves as a reminder of the responsibilities that come with creative freedom and the necessity of fostering a culture of respect for artistic works. It also underscores the pivotal role of legal frameworks in safeguarding the rights of creators and maintaining the integrity of the creative process.

Ilaiyaraaja's legal action against the unauthorized use of his song in 'Manjummel Boys' serves as a significant moment in the ongoing dialogue about intellectual property rights in the entertainment industry. It highlights the importance of recognizing and upholding the rights of creators while also fostering an environment conducive to artistic expression.

As the legal proceedings unfold, this episode prompts introspection and underscores the need for greater awareness, adherence to legal norms, and mutual respect among all stakeholders in the creative ecosystem. It underscores the enduring value of artistic integrity and the imperative of safeguarding the rights of creators in an ever-evolving digital landscape.