Did He Really Come From Mars? Man Charged ₹ 7.66 Crore for Uber Auto Ride at Just ₹ 62!

In a bizarre incident, a man in India was charged a whopping ₹ 7.66 crore for a short auto ride on Uber, which should have only cost him ₹ 62. Did the driver come from Mars? Let's dive into the details.

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₹ 7.66 Crore for Uber Auto

Image Credits: ₹ 7.66 Crore for Uber Auto

In a baffling incident that has left people scratching their heads, a man was charged a whopping ₹ 7.66 crore for a simple Uber auto ride that usually costs just ₹ 62. This unusual case has sparked a lot of speculation, with some claiming that the man may have come from the planet Mars to be charged with such a preposterous amount.


The strange incident took place in the city of Bengaluru, where a man named Sushil Narsian hailed an Uber auto to commute from Indiranagar to Koramangala. What seemed like a mundane and routine ride turned into an extraordinary ordeal when Narsian received a payment alert on his phone stating that he had been charged a jaw-dropping amount of ₹ 7.66 crore.

Did He Come From Mars?

The astronomical amount that Narsian had been charged for the short auto ride has sparked a lot of speculations. Some have even gone to the extent of claiming that Narsian may be an extraterrestrial being from the planet Mars. This outrageous claim has caused a buzz on social media, with people sharing memes and jokes about it.


However, this hypothesis seems far-fetched and unfounded. There is no evidence to support the claim that Narsian is an alien, and this bizarre incident is likely just a result of a technical glitch or human error.

Possible Explanations

The first logical explanation could be a technical glitch in the Uber system. It is not uncommon for online payment systems to malfunction and charge incorrect amounts. This could have been the case in Narsian's ride, where the system may have added zero to the fare amount, resulting in the astronomical charge.


Another possibility could be a human error on the part of the Uber driver or the rider. It is possible that the rider accidentally entered the wrong fare during the ride, or the driver entered an incorrect amount while completing the trip. In such cases, the company usually rectifies the error and refunds the excess amount.

Uber's Response

In response to the incident, Uber has released a statement stating that it was a technical error and the amount has been refunded to the rider. The company has assured that they have strict measures in place to prevent such incidents from happening, and they are continuously working to improve their system.


The incident has brought to light the importance of double-checking all transactions and details while using any online payment system to avoid such errors.

Lessons Learned

The bizarre case of Narsian's Uber auto ride has taught us a few valuable lessons. Firstly, it is crucial to always double-check all details while making any online transactions to avoid any errors. Secondly, it is essential to have a reliable customer support system in place to handle such situations promptly.

In conclusion, while the outrageous amount charged for a simple Uber auto ride has caught everyone's attention, it is most likely just a result of a technical malfunction and human error. The case has sparked some amusing theories, but the truth is far less exciting. However, it serves as a reminder to be vigilant while using any online payment system and to always keep our sense of humor intact.

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