Devastating Numbers: 403 Indian Students Lost Lives Abroad Since 2018, Canada Tops The List

Rajya Sabha presents disturbing figures as Union Minister vows commitment to student safety. Read the detailed news below.

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In a concerning revelation, the Indian government disclosed that 403 Indian students have lost their lives abroad since 2018, citing various reasons including natural causes and accidents. And the country from North America, Canada has been reported with the highest number of casualties among the 34 nations involved, as stated by Union Minister V Muraleedharan in the Rajya Sabha.


From last almost 6 years, Since 2018, Canada has consecutively reported the highest number of deaths among Indian students with 91 cases, followed by the United Kingdom with 48 losses, 40 Russians, the United States include 36, Australia with 35, Ukraine with 21, adding on with 20 Germany people, 14 from Cyprus, and the countries Italy and Philippines, each with 10 reported deaths, as per data unveiled by the ministry.

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Minister Muraleedharan conveyed profound concern, emphasizing the government's steadfast dedication to ensuring the safety and welfare of Indian students overseas. He committed to addressing specific cases and proactively preventing adverse incidents, highlighting the regular visits of heads of mission and senior officials to engage with students at colleges and universities.

And assured, "The safety and security of Indian students abroad is one of the foremost priorities for the Government of India."

In case of any unforeseen event, Minister Muraleedharan emphasized the prompt initiation of actions alongside relevant authorities in the host country, ensuring a thorough investigation and appropriate punishment for those responsible. Distressed students are offered comprehensive consular assistance, including emergency medical care, boarding, and lodging. ALSO READ: Kolkata Tops As India's Safest City For Third Consecutive Year!


Responding to concerns about the high number of student deaths abroad, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi acknowledged the increasing trend of Indian students studying abroad. He clarified that individual incidents are thoroughly addressed, with consulates reaching out to families and engaging with local authorities.

"I don't know if this is an issue that merits taking up with the government. There are individual incidents where there has been foul play and others... Our consulates do reach out to families, we also take up such cases with the local authorities," Mr Bagchi stated during the weekly briefing. The government remains vigilant and committed to ensuring the safety of Indian students pursuing education on foreign shores.





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