Bigg Boss 17: Anurag Dobhal Reveals How Makers Humiliated Him, Netizens Calls The Show Toxic!

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Bigg Boss 17: Anurag Dobhal, who was recently evicted, reveals how the show's makers humiliated him with an activity designed to shame him.


YouTuber Anurag Dobhal was evicted from Bigg Boss 17 recently. Now, in an interview on Siddharth Kannan's YouTube channel, he has revealed that he felt the makers had a bias against him. After he recalled a heartbreaking 'walk of shame' activity that happened in the Bigg Boss house involving him and how it took a toll on him, many on Reddit called out the makers and the entire team of Bigg Boss for their 'inhumane and downright cruel' treatment of Anurag.

Anurag said about his Bigg Boss 17 stint, “Mere sath show mein walk of shame hua hai. Ek puri activity mere liye banaye gaye the... yeh sachai hai. Yeh footage hai unpe. Yeh cheez dekh kar ke aaya hu. Ek puri activity mein mere ko khada kar diya gaya hai kyunki maine show ki disrespect ki aur pure ghar wale 'Shame, shame Anurag' chilla rahe the (I was made to do a walk of shame on the show. That is the truth and there is footage of it. I was made to take part in an activity, where all contestants shouted 'Shame on Anurag')."

 He added, "Yeh activity dikhai nahi gayi hogi... Pure ghar ke samne mujhe zaleel kiya gaya ki 'Tune show ki disrespect ki hai'. Toh main shame ka ek board le karke uss puri activity mein gaya hu. Aap samajh rahe hai ki main kya feel karke aaya hu andar. Yeh meri side of story hai (The makers would not have shown this activity on TV, but I was humiliated in front of the whole house for apparently disrespecting the show. I was made to hold a board that read ‘shame’. Can you imagine what all I have gone through in that house? This is my version of events).”


Many on Reddit slammed Bigg Boss 17 makers. One wrote, "F*** the entire BB (Bigg Boss) team. THIS IS INHUMANE AND DOWNRIGHT CRUEL... No person, and I mean NO PERSON needs to go through this kind of torture for a f***ing entertainment based game show.... this season is TOXIC."

A person wrote in reaction, "Absolutely. This is disgusting. Have stopped watching after Ayesha's breakdown, and then going back to dancing or whatever. It feels like if North Korea was a reality show. It is absolutely a mental squid game, to the point it's not even entertainment. The amount of fights, it is shameful..." One more said, "This sounds so stupid to be honest. I mean how much ever I hate someone, I won't stand beside them with a ‘Shame on you’ placard... It's like BB is behaving like a hurt teenager."


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