Teen-Age Dramas to Watch on Netflix:

Never Have I Ever

This show follows the story of an Indian-American teen girl, who has recently lost her father and wants to become famous in high school even if it means hooking up with the most popular guy in school.


This Spanish drama unfolds when three working class teens enroll in a private school, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to a murder. This drama also has an Indian adaptation called Class, also on Netflix

On my Block

This comedy drama series follows the story of 4 teenagers attending high school and trying to escape the violent clutches of a gang. This show has accurate representation of the issues faced by adolscents.


This story is of Nick and Charlie, and their friends, navigating the ups and downs of high school and relationships. This show based on the novel of the same name has diverse representation of queer relationships.

Sex Education

This British teen series follows lives of teenagers and adults in the fictional town of Moordale as they face personal dilemmas , often surrounding sexual intimacy.


This show focuses on Sam, a teen on the autism spectrum who decides to take charge of his life and start dating girls, and struggles his mother faces with this independence. Very rarely there is representation of autistic people in media, and this show does a good job at it.

Stranger Things

This story takes place when Will, a young boy goes missing from the fictional town of Hawkins. His friends and family go looking for him and suddenly a mysterious girl appears and strange things begin happening.