Netflix and Puneet Krishna Bring a Hilarious Misadventure With ‘Tribhuvan Mishra: CA Topper’ on July 18

Netflix collaborates with Puneet Krishna for 'Tribhuvan Mishra: CA Topper', promising a comedic misadventure. Scheduled for July 18 release, the series anticipates laughs as it follows the titular character's quirky journey.

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Tribhuvan Mishra: CA Topper

Tribhuvan Mishra: CA Topper

~ Directed by Puneet Krishna and Amrit Raj Gupta, creative and musical production by Ram Sampath, the desi gangster series stars Manav Kaul and Tillotama Shome ~


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Mumbai - June 28th, 2024: Psyched for a saucy ride of desi delight? Tribhuvan Mishra: CA Topper is here to satisfy your appetite. This drama is not just another series — it’s an ordinary man’s wild ride through chaos and secrets, as he stumbles into a world of comedic mishaps and becomes the target of a dangerous gang of halwaais (confectioners). Surprising side gigs, goons, guns, and gore paired with pyaar, parivaar, paisa (love, family, money) await with this hilarious comedy of errors as Tribhuvan Mishra: CA Topper premieres on July 18 — and it's guaranteed to be unmissable!

With its distinctive blend of humor, action, and suspense, Tribhuvan Mishra: CA Topper is also a refreshing take on the uncharted themes of female agency, all while keeping audiences guessing and laughing out loud.


Produced by Ram Sampath, directed by Amrit Raj, and with Puneet Krishna as the writer and showrunner, this series brings together a stellar ensemble cast including Manav Kaul, Tillotama Shome, Shweta Basu Prasad, Sumit Gulati, Naresh Gosain, Naina Sareen, Faisal Malik and Ashok Pathak. Each character adds a unique flavor to this uproarious gangster adventure, promising non-stop entertainment from start to finish.

"Tribhuvan Mishra's transformation, driven by desperation and the need to survive, gave us a rich canvas to play with themes of ethics, survival, and those tricky unintended consequences. Writing this series was all about striking the perfect balance between humor and the serious choices he has to make. I can’t wait for everyone to meet Tribhuvan and his crazy world. Our amazing ensemble cast brought all the characters to life, adding so much depth and authenticity. And with Netflix's audience in 190 countries, it's awesome to think our mix of humor and desi drama will reach so many people worldwide. It's going to be a fun ride for everyone watching!" says showrunner, co-director, and creator Puneet Krishna.

Gear up for a dose of desi drama and spicy chakkars (twists) served with a slice of cake in Tribhuvan Mishra: CA Topper, streaming on July 18, only on Netflix.


Ram Sampath, Puneet Krishna, Vineet Krishna

Amrit Raj Gupta
Puneet Krishna

Creator & Showrunner
Puneet Krishna


Manav Kaul
Tillotama Shome
Shweta Basu Prasad
Shubhrajyoti Barat
Faisal Malik
Jitin Gulati
Ashok Pathak
Naina Sareen
Sumit Gulati
Yamini Das
Naresh Gosain

Ram Sampath

Director of Photography
Anuj Samtani


Background Score
Anurag Saikia

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