Cancelled Netflix Shows That Need Another Season: See More

I am Not Okay With This

This show navigates the protagonist's difficulties of being in high school while dealing with her family, her budding sexuality and the sudden development of mysterious powers. superpowers. The was cancelled just after its first season.


Mindhunter follows the story of two FBI agents working in the Behavioural Science Unit in Virginia. Even though there were talks about a third season, it abruptly ended after two seasons.

Jessica Jones

This Marvel series named 'Jessica Jones starred Krysten Ritter as the unknown ex-superhero turned private investigator. It ended only after three seasons and after Disney gained license, it has become unavailable on Netflix, but can watch on Disney+ Hotstar.

Lockwood & Co.

This supernatural thriller is set in an alternate Britain where teenage ghost-hunters are called in to protect adults from deadly spirits. This show was cancelled just after one season which left fans wanting for more.

The Society

When everyone else mysteriously vanishes from their wealthy town, the teen residents of West Ham must forge their own society to survive. This is the basic plot of the show. The show was renewed for a second season but then was cancelled due to pandemic without any conclusion.

Anne with an E

Based on novels "Anne of Green Gables', the show follows the story of Anne, an orphan girl who gets adopted by two siblings. This show was cancelled after three seasons which made the fans extremely disappointed

Shadow And Bone

This show based on the Grisha Trilogy was one of the most streamed shows when it first came out. It follows the story of an orphan girl who discovers she has magic powers. The show was in talks of having a spin off series, but eventually was cancelled. Fans were not happy with this and even signed petitions to renew it.