Bridgerton S3 Part 1: "Just An Opinion, Don't Confuse The Audience"

After much awaited release of the first part of third season of Netflix’s Bridgerton, fans can finally gush over the romance between Colin and Penelope. But is it worth the hype?

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Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1, with 4 episodes was released on Netflix on May 16 2024, and highlights the blooming romance between Colin Bridgerton and his long-time friend and neighbour Penelope Featherington. Fans have been waiting for this love story to happen ever since it was shown in the first season of Penelope having a crush on Colin. The show is based on the book series by the author Julia Quinn.

Season 1 and 2 of the show focused on Daphne and Anthoy’s romances with their respective partners, while also focusing on the other Bridgerton siblings and other minor characters, but the main focus was always on the leading couple. But in Season 3, there was more emphasis on everyone else, but the main characters.

According to the books, Season 3 should have been the story of Benedict and his love interest, who should have been introduced in the earlier seasons. But this the character was not introduced, it messed up with the timeline of the books, which also left the fans confused. This season introduced a new love interest for Benedict, which fans know won’t be the main love interest for Benedict, since his season is yet to come.



The show focused too much on the other characters, than focus on Penelope and Colin, and hence fans could not connect with them. The highlight was more on Francesca and Benedict’s stories even though they will get their own season. There were also scenes displaying a budding friendship between Eloise and mean girl Cressida, which was a good surprise, but fans of the show wanted to see the rekindling of the friendship between Eloise and Penelope. There was also a plotline focusing on the Mondrichs that were not even a part of the books.

Through the first two seasons, we witnessed Penelope’s love and yearning for Colin, and a few glimpses of Colin liking her. Many were expecting this to be shown more and highlighting both of their feelings. But in the first part of season 3, audiences could not connect of feel the love and yearning between them. And Colin’s confession failed to even reach the intensity of Anthony’s.


Part 1 of Season 3 of Bridgerton failed to capture the essence of a Bridgerton love story. We can just hope that Part 2, releasing in June can redeem itself and bring back the audiences’ interest.

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