Opinion: With Increasing Natural Disasters Climate Change & Its Effects Needs To be Brought To Light With High Priority Globally


Climatic and environmental changes are evident in the changing world. Over the years different countries across the globe have developed and are constantly developing new technology. With the changing world, the problems of today’s world are also changed. Today the globe is facing several natural disaster crises. Every other day we come across the news of natural calamity taking place in some parts of the world.

Today United Nations also reported that despite being lockdown in almost the majority of countries in the world, concentrations of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere have hit the record high this year. The World Meteorological Organization head said, “Greenhouse gas concentrations which are already at their highest levels in 3 million years have continued to rise.”

As per the data of Statista Organisation, 2,334 events natural disasters took place in the world from 2015 to 2019. The number is alarming. And more than 200 natural disasters took place in the first half of the year 2020. This year saw some major natural calamities like floods in Indonesia, a volcano eruption in the Philippines, Cyclone Amphan in India and Bangladesh, and many more.

Also recently, Typhoon Haishen in Japan, North Korea, and South Korea. Then the bush fire in Australia earlier this year.Nile floods have hit Sudan. All these natural disasters have resulted in a huge loss of infrastructure and above that the loss of human life. These natural crises have resulted in more loss of nature itself.

But a human being should understand that this is the aftereffect of our actions. We have forgotten and completely neglected nature when working on our development. We are the ones who have uprooted the tress under the name of development. We are the ones to blame because we have polluted our water sources and tributaries. We have exploited nature for selfish motives.

It is big-time we realize our mistakes and stop repeating them.  All the leaders from different countries should come together and think about these issues more seriously and make the environment, atmosphere, and climate of utmost priority and they are all inter-related.  And not just the authorities but also the citizens all the nations across the globe should act as responsible human beings. It is the alarming time we start saving the planet and our mother nature.

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