Reviving Banganga Tank: A Makeover Plan Including the Restoration of Ram Kund

The Banganga Tank revival plan focuses on restoring the ancient water tank and Ram Kund to their former glory, ensuring their preservation for future generations.

By Megha Badiger
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Banganga Tank

Image Credits: Banganga Tank

Banganga Tank, located in the heart of Mumbai, is an ancient Hindu pilgrimage site with significant historical and religious importance. Over the years, this sacred water tank has deteriorated due to neglect and encroachments, losing its former glory. However, with a comprehensive makeover plan, including the restoration of Ram Kund, Banganga Tank has the potential to regain its grandeur and reclaim its place as a cherished cultural landmark.


Historical Significance of Banganga Tank

Banganga has a rich mythology associated with it, dating back to the times of the epic Mahabharata. According to legends, Lord Rama created a natural freshwater spring, known as Ram Kund, by striking an arrow into the ground at Banganga. This sacred water tank later became an essential part of Mumbai's history and cultural heritage.

Importance of Restoration


The restoration of Banganga Tank and Ram Kund is crucial not only for preserving the religious and historical significance but also for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the area. This rejuvenation project will contribute to Mumbai's cultural identity, attracting tourists, pilgrims, and locals alike.

Rebuilding the Walls and Steps

The first step in the makeover plan is to reconstruct the damaged walls and steps surrounding the tank. The walls will be fortified, restoring their original design and incorporating traditional architectural elements. Proper lighting will be installed to illuminate the tank during the evenings, creating a mesmerizing ambiance.


Cleaning and Desilting

Years of neglect have resulted in the accumulation of debris, garbage, and silt in the tank, deteriorating its water quality. A thorough cleaning and desilting process will be undertaken, ensuring the removal of pollutants and restoring the tank to its pristine state.

Conservation and Beautification


To maintain the ecological balance and enhance the natural beauty of Banganga, appropriate conservation measures will be implemented. This includes the rejuvenation of the surrounding green spaces, planting native flora, and establishing a sustainable waste management system.

Restoring the Ram Kund

Ram Kund holds immense importance to devotees and visitors, not just for its connection to Lord Rama but also for its spiritual significance. The restoration process will involve refurbishing the Kund and ensuring a continuous flow of freshwater from the natural spring. Adequate seating areas will be provided to facilitate meditation and prayer for devotees.

Cultural Prominence

To make Banganga Tank a vibrant cultural hub, plans should be implemented to revive the essence of the annual Banganga Festival. The festival celebrates classical music and dance performances, attracting renowned artists and creating a platform for cultural exchange. This will breathe life into the area and create additional opportunities for local businesses. 

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