Mrinal Dutt: Working in 55km/sec was an enriching experience
Mrinal Dutt: Working in 55km/sec was an enriching experience

Mrinal Dutt: Working in 55km/sec was an enriching experience

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Actor Mrinal Dutt is all set to enthrall his audience in a unique story set against backdrop of an apocalyptic world. The multi-talented actor, who has been part of multiple hit projects earlier, will be seen in filmmaker Arati Kadav’s next 55km/sec.

Mrinal, who is known for his work in different projects including Pawan and Pooja, Hello Mini, Netflix upstarts and ColdColdd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala, The lonely prince will star alongside actor Richa Chadha in this Arati Kadav film.

55km/sec is a sci-fi story which revolves around a time just before a meteor is being hurled towards Earth. The story explores human connections, relations in times of distress.

Talking about the film, Mrinal says, “Working in 55km/sec has been an amazing experience. The film was purely done under lockdown. I had to execute the entire film all by myself. A friend helped me shoot it virtually. It was done during the first stage of lockdown when we had no idea where all this is headed.We shot the film remotely and worked on the character and did readings quite extensively. Arati and I wanted to do something together for some time and then Richa also joined us. It was shot at different locations around where I live. Arati is a great mind and a wonderful director and Richa is an great co-star to work with. I wish we had scenes in person but whatever we did was amazing. It became an enriching process. I really enjoyed playing this part.”

Elaborating on his character, he goes on to say, “I play a guy who is very withdrawn from the world ,reticent and fatalistic in nature.He is someone who saw the world crumbling down.
It was very interesting to play this part as suraj (the character I play) has lost all hope in humanity and for it to live in complete Harmony…I some where believe that too. We as human beings have a very subjective view to everything..and more often than not function for our betterment and that is where it gets chaotic.”

Talking about Mrinal’s character, Arati says, “For this role, specifically, we wanted someone to portray the emotions well, without being gimmicky. As the world ends, Suraj is initially a detached observer, yet there are parts of him that hurt, the bleak landscape outside mirror something within him. I really felt that Mrinal could bring it out the best. “

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