Exclusive: Mouni Roy Reveals Her Upcoming Film London Confidential Is Not About The Covid-19 But Other Similar Rumored Virus; Find More In The Article!


Online streaming platform Zee5 is coming up with a new suspense thriller film London Confidential. The film stars Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli, Pravesh Rana, and Kulraj Randhawa in the lead role. The film will be released on 18 September. The film is directed by Kanwal Sethi.

The official synopsis of the film reads, “London Confidential, a ZEE5 Original film, stars Mouni Roy and Purab Kohli. As RAW agents in London inch closer towards finding the last piece of evidence against China’s role in the spread of the pandemic, they are forced to first tackle the traitor responsible for a series of brutal killings.”

In an exclusive interview with Pop Diaries, Actress Mouni Roy who is playing the role of the secret service agent shared her experience about the film and the story as well. Her character’s name is Uma who is a spy. While talking about the character she plays she said, “It was interesting and it was challenging that was something I have never done before. When the script first came to me I read the story and I liked it. I was rereading it. And that’s how we started the journey of Uma by me and the director Kanwal sir. We did a lot of zoom calls we did homework and tried to figure out the back story of Uma with the prologue and epilogue of the story.”

She further added, “About Uma’s journey her life and the character and the kind of thing that we realize is that the life of a spy is very kind of a straightforward. They are not bothered at all with the dual life they live. Uma is a spy she will cross you and you will not even realize that the ordinary person is so extraordinary.”

The concept of the film is about India and China. When she was asked that is this film an insight on a reality she said, “First of all this is not set on the COVID-19. It’s a backdrop where we are trying to say that one pandemic is almost coming to an end and there is a rumor that the other pandemic is coming up and what Uma and Arjun are trying to do is trying to get the hold of the information before the enemy gets it.”

“They have the deadline of the conference before which they need to secure this information about the virus. And there are so many events that are trying to get around it they are trying to stop that and there are ranks whom they are trying to catch,” she added.

While speaking about what the viewers should expect from the film she revealed that, “Well they should expect some thrill. When it’s a spy thriller the question is who has done a particular thing? I think when they are watching the movie along with the main characters with Uma they are also trying to find the mole and figure out who is doing what. That is I think fascinating. I hope everyone likes it! It is a small special film. The audience will try to do guessing work that will be exciting.”

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