From Shah Rukh Khan’s Infamous Wankhede Fight To Harbhajan Singh Slapping S. Sreesanth, Here Are The Most Shocking IPl Controversies Over The Years!


IPL has been home to iconic victories, celebratory sporting moments, world-class athletes and a whole lot of entertainment but not to forget, it also has had a dark side. Read on…

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While Indian Premiere League popularly known as IPL has emerged as the number one T20 league in the world which is known to have the best players from around the world and for generating the highest revenue from the sport for any cricketing league as well. It has made careers and has turned people into billionaires along with providing non-stop entertainment but has also given many scars. Here are a few of them!
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Harbhajan Singh Slapping S. Sreesanth : On 25 April 2008, following the Kings XI Punjab‘s victory over the Mumbai Indians at Mohali, Punjab player Sreesanth was slapped under his eye by Harbhajan Singh, the in-stand captain of Mumbai. The incident came to light as Sreesanth was caught by TV cameras sobbing inconsolably on the field before the presentation ceremony. Sreesanth had since downplayed the incident saying he had no complaints against Harbhajan who was “like an elder brother” to him. Harbhajan’s team had lost their third consecutive match when he apparently reacted violently to Sreesanth’s approaching him and reportedly saying “hard luck”. The footage of the slap has not yet been released for public viewing. The BCCI launched an investigation into the incident and decided to ban Harbhajan for the remainder 11 matches of the Twenty20 tournament.


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Lalit Modi Sacking : On 25 April 2010, the BCCI suspended Lalit Modi, the IPL chairman, for “alleged acts of individual misdemeanors”. The suspension notice was served on him by Rajeev Shukla, BCCI vice-president, and N Srinivasan, the board secretary, sending an e-mail to the same effect. It followed a day of negotiations with interlocutors attempting to persuade Modi to resign but pre-empted a potential flashpoint at a scheduled IPL governing council meeting, which Modi had said he would attend. Modi was officially barred from participating in the affairs of the Board, the IPL and any other committee of the BCCI.


IPL Infamous Party Culture : Adding fashion, food and fun to post match sessions which turned into wild parties continuing till wee hours, these infamous IPL parties brimmed with both alcohol and glamour. From actors to cricketers, everyone indulged in these parties post the matches to celebrate their wins. The cheerleaders were in abundance and there were even fashion shows which were organised to up the glamour quotient. Finally, the IPL committee decided to out a ban to these parties soon after it started affecting the performance of players in the matches and when these parties got blamed for being spots for betting for the incoming matches.


Shah Rukh Khan’s Brawl At The Wankhede Stadium : In May 2012, the Mumbai Cricket Association banned Shah Rukh Khan from the Wankhede Stadium for five years for getting into an argument with the security staff after a match between KKR and the Mumbai Indians. Khan had, however, stated that he acted only after children, including his daughter, were being “manhandled” by the security staff and that the officials were extremely high-handed and aggressive in their behavior, he had been abused with communal indecent comment. Later MCA officials had accused him of being drunk in one version of the story, hitting the guard and of completely uncharacteristically abusing a female supporter of Mumbai Indians after the match in another version of the story, which Khan had maintained it was done to support their action and for cheap publicity. Wankhede guard later contradicted MCA officials’ claim and said Shah Rukh Khan had not hit him. Khan later apologized to his fans after his team won the final match. MCA revoked the ban in 2015 and in 2016, Mumbai Police informed that no ‘cognisable offence’ was made out against Khan and they had come to the conclusion that Shah Rukh Khan was not drunk and did not use abusive language before minors at the Wankhede Stadium in 2012.

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