Monsoon is already expected in Pune for the next four to five days of torrential rains

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This year, the southwest monsoon (Andaman) traveled from Andaman to Maharashtra at a faster pace. However, as soon as the monsoon entered Maharashtra, its speed slowed down. The monsoon has arrived in Pune four days ahead of schedule and the meteorological department has forecast heavy rains for the next four to five days.

Premature monsoon in Pune and South Maharashtra.

The monsoon, which arrived in the southern districts of the state, including Pune and Alibag, was stable for two days. However, a low pressure area is expected to form in the Bay of Bengal in two days. This will revive the monsoon season.

Late monsoon arrives in Kerala and moves fast towards Maharashtra

The monsoon arrived in South Kerala on June 3 this year due to prolonged arrival in Kerala including the Andaman Islands. After that, the monsoon reached Maharashtra in just two days, moving fast across the Arabian Sea. The monsoon arrived in Pune four days ahead of schedule. Heavy rain is expected everywhere for the next 4 to 5 days.

Monsoon arrives in Vidarbha earlier this year

The monsoon is expected to arrive in Vidarbha by June 15, the meteorological department said. However, the monsoon has already reached Vidarbha, dismissing the meteorological department. The meteorological department has announced the arrival of monsoon in Vidarbha. The meteorological department has warned of torrential rains in Vidarbha from 11th to 13th. The arrival of monsoon has brought happiness to the farmers and the general public. At the same time, good rainfall is also forecast for this year.

Red alert for Raigad district

The Indian Meteorological Department has issued a red alert for Raigad district for June 10. An Orange Alert has been issued in all the districts of Konkan for the next four days. Orange Alert has been issued for Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg.

Southwest monsoon rains covered Konkan and Maharashtra

Monsoon rains arrived in Maharashtra on Saturday. The monsoon rains have covered almost the whole of Maharashtra. Rainfall is forecast from the North Maharashtra coast to the North Kerala coastal area due to the formation of a basin. Pune district has also been warned of torrential rains for the next four days.

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