Minari Movie Review – Do Yourself A Favor, Go And Embrace The Family Drama

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Minari shows how pain, sacrifice and struggle are required in order to achieve your dream. You need to believe in your dreams, cherish and protect them and make sure nobody takes it away from you.

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Minari is a plant which is used in Korean household for different use, especially in cooking. When a young Korean couple, Jacob and Monica, relocate from their cushioned life in California to a rural town of Arkansas with their two young children, little did they know that they would have to face the heat in their daily job, This is where Jacob dreams of running a successful farm that would eventually bring into more varieties of Korean fruits and vegetables.

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Watching Minari will bring refreshing moments you spend time with your family. The characters, scenes and story of a every young couple who wants to make it big in a foreign land is so relatable. While the family moves from California, the relationship between Jacob and Monica begin to sour. Even their children, who are already under the pressure to adapt to the new environment, refuses to accept Monica’s mother, Soon-Ja, moving into their home. Soon Ja’s entry into the family is the turning point of the film as along with Korean spices, she brings a special herb, Minari.

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Right from the beginning of Minari, you will be completely engrossed into the beautiful tale of an immigrant family and their struggle to keep the dream alive. Blended with sarcasm and light moments, the film is a powerful drama which will help you sail it through 2 hours without getting bored. Told in a subtle manner, it is the simplicity of narration which is the highlight of the film and you will cherish each and every frame. There are no glossy sets, colorful costumes over-the-tone melodrama yet the film is entertaining and will keep you glued throughout. The screenplay is pivotal defines each and every characters to the core.

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Brilliantly directed by Lee Isaac Chung, Minari is leveraged with convincing performances by each and every characters blemished with a tone of realism. Overall, Minari is a feel-good cinema with a strong and captivating message that brings daze of hope we need in the current situation. Go for it 3.5/5

Minari is produced by Plan B production and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime

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