Meet Dylan Blyuss, Founder of World Class Sales Agency

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As one of the fastest growing agencies in the world, World Class Sales Agency builds remote sales teams for online coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs. Founder Dylan Blyuss explains, “We positioned ourselves to be the thought leaders in the space through consistent content creation, sales value, and client success.”

As an industry leader in his field, Dylan is passionate about passing down the lessons he has learned thus far in his career journey in hopes of helping other entrepreneurs achieve success. After all, it was only four short years ago that he found himself in their same shoes. “I started as a solo ‘salespreneur’ doing door-to-door sales,” he remembers. “I was making about $10,000 a month and quickly realized at a young age that in order to double or triple my monthly income, I would need to start a sales team.”

After a few months of focusing his efforts on door-to-door sales, allowing friends to fulfill the window cleaning services, Dylan was bringing in $15,000 a month. That’s when he knew he was onto something. From there, Dylan hired sales reps to duplicate his sales efforts, allowing him to focus on management and leadership, ultimately scaling the business to six figures at the age of 17.

While building his door-to-door sales business, Dylan began to recognize the growing trend of online education. At the same time, he recognized that these online coaches and educators were often failing to effectively sell their programs and products. Leveraging his sales expertise to fill this gap in the market, World Class Sales Agency was born.

Today, Dylan and his team scale sales teams for influencers, coaches, course creators, and business owners. Scaling his own agency at such a fast rate challenged Dylan to design custom client management systems for this wide array of clients. By providing seasoned sales executives for those in the online training space, they are able to effectively increase both leads and sales for each of their clients.

Dylan also provides sales training and consulting, teaching businesses, coaches, and entrepreneurs how to build effective sales systems, get better leads, and ultimately close more deals. From the very first lead, to closing thousands of sales, Dylan coaches his clients every step of the way, motivated by the impact he can make on their success.

With over 100 full time sales executives responsible for over $30 million in sales, World Class Sales Agency continues to grow exponentially. Looking to the future, Dylan plans to scale the sales agency to $100 million in sales, helping to build over 100 remote sales teams for clients all over the world. He notes, “People over profits. There’s a certain level of happiness when you do it yourself, but there’s a whole other level of happiness when you help others make it happen as well.”

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