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‘LOVE’ Malayalam Movie Review: A Crazy Gripping Thriller Lashes Between Husband & Wife!

‘LOVE’ Malayalam Movie Review: A Crazy Gripping Thriller Lashes Between Husband & Wife!

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‘LOVE’ is a movie that loves a dark theme and suspense thriller, so this one is perfect for the one. If you are thinking according to the title then you are wrong then let’s find out what happens with the plot? And if you are a person who watches the film without knowing any storyline then maybe this review might contain spoilers but I’ve tried my best not to include the spoilers. Let’s find out.

Theory starts with Deepthi knowing that she’s pregnant and then the screen shows up Anoop who is a husband Deepthi, then he receives a message which reads as ‘I’m pregnant’ but it doesn’t belong to his wife which later reveals in the plot. Further, Deepthi comes home, Anoop and her get into, a major husband-wife fight who unknowingly hits his wife head to a glass frame of the pair only. Unfortunately, she dies later he tries to dispose of the body but his friends enter one by one. First, a guy who comes up with a problem of his business partner who left him and later having affair with his wife, and then a guy who comes up with a woman who already has their partners at home. Anoop tries to send them out of the house but fails and he’s not able to dispose of the body. Then how will he do? Is the question will come later on.

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Directed by Khalid Rahman who already gave amazing content with Anuraga Karikkinvellam and Unda, now he’s back to show his excellence with Love. The crew that stands out is the cinematographer, Jimshi Khalid, editing by Noufal Abdullah, and music by Yakzan Gary Pereira and Neha S Nair which made this an even more appealing experience. The cinematographer has done a fantastic job of capturing the expressions and reactions from different angles. Overall, it was a unique experience with the technical team and director. Also, no doubt Malayalam always comes up with unique content with every film which is presented in a realistic way related to real life.

One someday or the other, many might think of killing their husband and wife. Love is a movie that takes us along with the same experience.

There was a limit in the cast of appearance but all stand out in their roles, that too acting in a single packed room throughout the movie despite the climax which has been shot on the highway. Rajisha Vijayan (Deepthi) was excellent as always, staying with the expression is remarkable we think of finding it but nowhere we can find a mistake. Shine Tom Chacko (Anoop) was always good not as a supporting role in we see often but he has shouldered up the entire movie his every single expression fits in within the situation which is a delight watch for our eyes. Even their psycho minds of the roles are crazy.

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Supporting actors Gokulan as his first friend who arrives home, is the one who steals the show. Sudheesh Koppa was also good at his place.

And talking about C U Soon which was shot during the lockdown last year which amazed everyone out there with its frames through mobile phones and laptop screens and editing skills. Even Love doesn’t feel less anywhere, but the difference between CU Soon and Love is these film characters have performed face-to-face. Khalid Rahman equally succeeds in his attempt to lend an air of authenticity.

Overall, a gripping suspenseful thriller you can once give it a try to appreciate the whole teamwork. That how can one shoot a film with a countable cast performed in a packed room, which is unlike to get a watch in our Indian Cinema. – 2.5/5

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