2024 Trend That You Are Most Likely To Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

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It happens like clockwork: As we say goodbye to one year—and ring in another with confetti and champagne—we become laser-focused on ensuring the 12 months ahead are the best ones yet. For some, that means kick-starting a fresh wellness routine, be it training for a big race or eating more plant-based meals. Others try to adopt a new hobby or clear out their closets to make space for new pieces. But for those who are eager to bring that “new year, new me” energy into their homes, you might want to consider incorporating one of the latest interior design trends into your personal quarters.


Interior design and astrology are more connected than we think. “Our style, like us, is ever-evolving, yet it defines parts of who we are and how we see ourselves.” While you can learn a lot from your natal chart—which is essentially a snapshot of the sky when you were born—Perrotta added that the planets’ current positions can also tell you more about newfound interests or tastes. Let's see what 2024 has in store for each zodiac sign—and the best interior design trends to try to outfit your home accordingly.


Bold, brave, and—sure—competitive, an Aries rarely backs down from a challenge, and 2024 will be no different. As we go through 2024, Aries will be one of the signs at the forefront of the astrological changes with eclipses falling in their sign and their polarity, Libra. “They are asked to make a statement, and that can be anywhere in their life.” In your home, go ahead and make a statement with an accent wall.



As natural homebodies, Taurus signs take a lot of pride in their homes, turning their shelters into luxe sanctuaries. But, as this earth sign embraces growth and expansion, Perrotta predicts they’ll be thinking about how to build a brighter, greener future for their space. “Ruled by Venus, Taurus always seeks to beautify its sanctuary and add touches of natural luxury to everything,” he explained. “This can be through natural materials, high-efficiency appliances, and opting for renewable resources in design.” From reducing your waste with secondhand furniture to researching organic bedding, there’s no one way to make your space more sustainable. For a simple (and affordable!) way to start your journey, grab some non-toxic cleaning supplies or reusable kitchen accessories like silicone baking cups or glass storage containers.



Open-Concept Layouts

Geminis notoriously have dual personalities—the ability to switch perspectives and emotions at the drop of a hat—so it’s only fitting that they embrace flexibility within this year’s interior design trends. Gemini is mutable by nature, known for being flexible as it is, and this will bleed into their decorating and interior design choiceS.“Open living spaces are perfect for Geminis! It speaks to their ability to move about as they please.”




Decor Despite being the resident crab on the astrological chart, Cancer signs are known to wear their hearts on their sleeves and love all things nostalgia. So why not lean into your sentimental side with something old? A great way to embody this energy for you is in the upcoming distressed or weathered furniture trend for the year. “You can easily update your home with a distressed leather chair, some weathered wood pieces, or even in-home textiles that have softness like they’ve been loved for years.”




Confident, creative, and brave, Leos were born to stand out. While some Leos might’ve seen their spark dimmed slightly between 2020 and early 2023—Perrotta credits this to Saturn opposing their sign—their fun-loving energy will return in full force come 2024. Once the new year kicks in, let out your finest roar by embracing maximalism. More is more, and no one can do this better than you, Leo. “Adorn your space with bold patterns, gold accents, print-mixing, and collections from your travels.”




With a penchant for pragmatism, Virgos are all about keeping things efficient. As we enter the new year, this earth sign is going to home in on practicality by embracing wellness-centered decor. Routine is big for you, so leaning into designs that support that will be crucial. “This design trend is all about ease and can help eliminate the extra forces in your life that may inhibit your productivity.”



Libras, this is your sign to own your softer side, literally and figuratively. You will be tasked with letting go and finding power in the talents you naturally have. “This is great for you, as some of your key talents are in balance and cultivating aesthetics.” Since Libras instinctively have impeccable style, the curved furniture and decor trend perfectly suits this sign’s aesthetic.


Scorpios are notoriously private, and very few things can quench their thirst for mystery and intrigue like vintage heirlooms. You are a fixed sign, amazing at continuity and bringing the past into the present.. “In interior design, you can do this by bringing those pieces of loved ones long gone into your home and highlighting them in your space as a sort of altar to their memory.”


Sagittarius signs never shy away from a touch of whimsy. They know a thing or two about playfulness and how to have a good time anywhere they are. “They are travelers with an ethereal nature.” In 2023, this sign naturally gravitated toward the cottagecore trend. However, the new year will be all about experimenting with textures.


Get ready, Capricorns: 2024 is your comeback year. Since 2008, Pluto has been in Capricorn, partly turning their world upside down and asking for transformations large and small.  “In 2024, Pluto will finally finish its 15-year stay and leave Capricorn with an entirely new view on life.” From the ground up, Capricorns will witness a lot more stabilization, which makes a statement rug a must-have in the new year.


It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. You have seen a lot of structures shift around you from 2020 through early 2023. “Now in 2024, Pluto will enter your sign, bringing a long-term influence of change, perhaps one that seems less in your face.”


Pisces is oceanic, sensitive, and intuitive. “Going through the day-to-day can be a bit taxing, as you soak in everything around you like osmosis.” This past year was a big one for you, so Perrotta advised turning your home into a relaxing oasis for 2024. The best way to do so? With lots and lots of blue.



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