How Kovid Mital Gets His Skin So Good?

Kovid Mittal is known to have drop dead gorgeous skin among Indian men. We dig deep down in his skin care regime. Catch the secret behind his amazing skin.

By Sanjana Lama
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Kovid Mital

Kovid Mittal is known to have drop dead gorgeous skin among Indian men. We dig deep down in his skin care regime.You’d think his grooming routine was as complicated as a page 3 celebrity. But, it’s actually quite the opposite. 

He keeps it bare minimum & that's the key !

 " I get up in the morning, drink lemon green tea and take sun for a minimum of 5 minutes as light before 7am has beneficial properties  and quickly get in the shower , i always ensure my face wash is non comodogenic and followed up by non comodegenic moisturiser. I would not like to name the brand i use because I don't want to sound like it's a promotional marketing campaign. I wash my hair with plain water as i don't want to strip the scalp of natural oil and i use homemade shampoo made from brahmi once a week."

The one product he can’t live without:

Last year i started using a water base serum capsule for my skin before i sleep and it ensures my skin is hydrated because that's the best time skin repairs itself. I swear by this product. Again it doesn't clog pores and every Sunday i ensure i apply vitamin c serum and as this vitamin is an antioxidant which is very good for skin longevity.
One secret we all know about skin.
Sweating everyday is essential even if it's for 20minutes in the gym. This ensures the whole toxin builds up under skin is expelled and it ensures immediate glow on skin. One can also indulge in a sauna but limit it to once a week.

How does kovid gets that red carpet look for the events?

" Ok so here's what i do, before stepping out i take steam and apply cold milk with rose water, trust me this is like magic elixir for skin."

How can anyone get their best skin possible?

" I have always said this is to everyone who asks me this, get a good dermatologist and get your blood test done and see if your internal body hormones are balanced and your blood is not deficient in any component, only then my skin care regime would benefit them. Once that's in check your diet has a significant impact on your skin, eliminating junk from the table would ensure your internal digestive system is working in optimal condition and it shows on your skin immediately."

What skin care products do you use?

" I have regular face wash and moisturiser from France but i would not like to name the brand as again I don't want to sound like a marketing campaign, but as i said any non comodogenic facewash would be good."
One should ensure their scalp is dandruff free as the flakiness of the scalp can also cause acne."
Off late i have started using beard balm as it ensures my skin under my beard is properly moisturised too.
Every Sunday i make my own face mask that is mashed avocado with rose water and a pinch of neem powder, This ensures clear skin and also adds a lot of moisturiser to my skin, neem acts as dis infectant and avocado adds dewy effect.

Any last tips to our readers?

"Skin care games are a hit & trial, one needs to try various products before settling with the best one but the more simple you keep the better it is. I would like to say all men try shaving if one has to in a hot shower as it softens the skin and keeps skin free of cuts and immediately applies Alum it keeps infection away and adds glow to skin."

How about sunscreen? Do you have particular sunscreen 

" To be honest I rarely use sunscreen  as i have tried all types of brands with various SPF, and i use it only when i am shooting outdoors, hence if i am indoors i avoid sunscreen as it makes my skin extremely oily  but again like I said one needs to go how their skin responds".

Any last tips?

" Ok so here's another secret, i ensure i take milk thistle in my morning tea atleast once a week, it a natural liver detoxifier, if our liver works in optimal condition it radiates on our skin and load up on your berries once in while and watermelon i feel it's a great way to keep hydrated, the food should be as colorful as possible with all green leafy vegetables and fruits, the changes might be slow to be seen but for skin longevity it's very essential ."
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