7 'Gen Z Relationship Slangs' That Millennials Might Not Know:

Lifestyle: The word Love has got some serious competitors now as Gen Z is exploring the term with many unknown terms. Millennials who watched old school Bollywood won't even know these terms; they were always in the era of 'Pehla Pyaar & Pehla Khumaar!'

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Dating in Gen Z

The word Love has got some serious competitors now as Gen Z is exploring the term with many unknown terms & theories along with them. Millennials who watched old school Bollywood movies won't even know these terms; as they were always in the era of 'Pehla Pyaar & Pehla Khumaar!' But current generations are fixing their relationship issues with some new complex theories which can be little confusing and unnecessary for the old crowd. Let's take a look at 7 out of such terms: 



"Benching" is when someone keeps you as a back-up in dating because that person is interested in someone else. Being benched doesn't feel good and can waste your time. A person may be benching you if they show limited availability, inconsistency, or one-sided interactions.

Cuffing or Cuffing Season:


When it’s cold outside and all you want to do is snuggle up with someone – this is the cuffing season! This season starts in October and lasts till around Valentine’s Day – so this is the time couples get cuffed and uncuffed. So, people shack up with someone during the colder months without a long-term commitment in mind.


A situationship is an umbrella term that includes any romantic connection that is undefined or unestablished, a matchmaker and Tinder’s resident relationship expert. The person you’re dating is not your official partner, but they’re not just a friend either. “You are somewhere in the middle, in a more casual relationship with no guardrails, but potentially some questions on where things are heading.



Act of providing a partner with just enough affection to maintain their attention while never progressing the relationship. Breadcrumbing is when one person in a relationship maintains the other person's “hope for connection with them by periodically feeding them small doses of attention in various forms.

Love Bombing:


The unhealthy & potentially abusive behavior of showering excessive attention or gifts for the purpose of manipulation.


Zombieing is when someone who has ghosted you – that is, disappeared from your life or stopped talking to you without any kind of reason or so much as a "goodbye" – starts communicating with you again, without any kind of explanation or apology.



DTR is an acronym for ‘define the relationship’. When the initial phase of holding hands and enjoying cute little things passes, comes the time most people despise. Yes, we are talking about the time when you have to define the relationship. Are we exclusive? Are we dating? Should we take the next step in the relationship? Defining a relationship is one of the most nerve-wracking moments in most relationships, even if you are sure of your partner’s decision.

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