Let’s BTS: Here Are All Updates About Fun Time Members Had In Special Talk Show

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BTS recently appeared on KBS for a special talk show called Let’s BTS where they chatted with host Shin Dong Yeop. The show aims to spread BTS’s messages of hope to the public during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Here BTS performed songs, danced with comedian Jang Do Yeon, answered questions, and cracked fans up with their chaotic antics.

As Jin is the oldest member, host Shin Dong Yeop asked, “Since you’re the oldest, you could have held a grip on the members. How did you come to create the atmosphere now?

To which Jin revealed saying, “The members are all talented and good people and I couldn’t find anything that I was better at than them. Honestly, I could have held a grip on them if they weren’t all that, but I couldn’t.”

After hearing his answer, V said,”This kind of sounds like a compliment meant for everyone?”

The back story of why this question came about was from J-Hope’s comment about what kind of person Jin was. J-Hope said, “We don’t need words to describe our Jin hyung. He is amazing just as he is. His handsome face, wide shoulders, beautiful voice….and his age. The last one was a joke but he is the oldest out of us all. Because he is the oldest, we thought that he would think the order of age was important, but he was actually the opposite of that. He is the one that creates the atmosphere for our group. If you think about it, there was a role he had as the oldest, and he was able to play that role of being a pillar while creating a soft atmosphere.”

At one point, the host granted guest Jang Do Yeon’s wish to dance with the members on stage and her passionate rendition of “FIRE” made BTS laugh.

Also the  queen of comedy, Jang Do Yeon harmed the members offstage with her hilarious compliments!!

Jang Do Yeon told Suga that they have something in common to which the answer was “they are both proud citizens of Korea” to which curious Suga burst into laughter!!

Her quick wit, and her comedic timing was so perfect that made other members laugh as well!!

BTS members also has some fun talks where at a point Jimin brought up a funny backstage moment from BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL: ONE where Jungkook wore an open shirt for his solo song, “My Time.” during  on-tact concert.

All members had a game session where they expressed what they want to say to individual members. In this session Jimin revealed that Jungkook unbuttoned more of his shirt for the concert than he did during rehearsals. “He doesn’t do that in rehearsals,” he said. “But when we do the real thing, he’s suddenly in a rush.”

To which Jungkkok playfully fired back by revealing that he learned the habit from Jimin. “Hyung, I copied that from you!” he said.

Also, Jimin wanted to say, “I love you,” to Suga four times in a row to see his reaction. Following Jimin all the other members started saying “I love you “, while they gathered around a table, as for Suga, saying, “I love you,” can feel awkward and embarrassing. 

So all the members said, “Yoongi, I love you,” and Suga tried to keep a straight face but it didn’t last long! His reaction was 50% cringe, 50% laughter, and 100% love for BTS.

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