Kpop IU shares Some Of Her Struggle Testimony On “You Quiz On The Block”

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 You Quiz on the Block featurinh IU has recently got air and it is filled with  filled with absolute goodness.

Yoo Jae Suk asked IU  why she sings so often about her age to which IU responded saying, “There’s not a big reason. Since I write the lyrics to my own songs, I realized at one point that there’s not much to write about. However, your age is something that changes every year. Every year, I found myself changing. 18-year-old me and 23-year-old me compared to the IU I was last year are all different.”

IU further elaborated by adding, “When I was younger, I had a lot of self-loathing. Even if I had good things in my life, I had a hard time loving myself in my early 20’s.”

IU also shared about her MV “Palette,” and what the song is about. “In the song, ‘Palette,’ there are lyrics that say ‘I think I know myself now.’ I wrote these lyrics because I no longer have lingering disappointment in myself nor are there surprising or new things about myself. I just learned to accept myself as I am, including all the areas that I lack,” she adds.

Jo Se Ho addressing her achievement in acting ask her “I don’t think people thought you’d be good at acting…I mean of course people thought that you could be good at it, but I didn’t think you’d be this good at it?”

To which IU hilariously answered  saying, “Wait…are you saying I am good at it or that I’m not good at it…?”

Yoo Jae Suk gave her words of appreciation for her superb acting in the dark plot of ” My Mister”. He said, “There weren’t a lot of lines that were said, but you expressed it through your facial expressions. You had to portray the feelings through your emotions.”

When IU was asked why she chose such a dark series to act in My Mister, she revealed saying, “I shared a lot of commonalities with Jian (IU’s ‘My Mister’ character). I didn’t have any confusion on the lines and rarely asked questions to the author of the drama because of it.”

The interview shifted gears when the two hosts of the tvN program asked IU how she felt about being “IU” and the icon of this generation. To which IU shared humble words, “I’m just very very lucky. I just think I have good luck.”

IU revealed what she meant by that by sharing that she believes her popularity has nothing to do with herself. She says, “I’m able to do the music I want to do, but it’s because the public listens to it. I’m not trying to be humble, but honestly, how lucky am I? I’m very grateful.”

You can watch full IU’s episode of You Quiz on the Block down below!!

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