Why Korean-style fried Chicken is Considered as Most Favourite Food Overseas

Korean-style fried chicken takes the global culinary crown, winning hearts and taste buds abroad.

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Why Korean-style fried chicken is considered as most favourite food overseas.

Why Korean-style fried chicken is considered as most favourite food overseas

In a sizzling victory, Korean-style fried chicken has once again clinched the crown as the favourite Korean food outside of Korea, according to a recent government survey. With 16.5% of respondents across 18 major cities casting their vote for the delectable dish, it marks the fourth consecutive year of fried chicken's reign on the global K-food throne.


The international study, excluding those of Korean descent, canvassed opinions from cities such as New York, Toronto, Paris, London, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok, Dubai, and Rio de Janeiro. Instant ramen secured the second spot with 11.1%, while the iconic kimchi claimed the third spot with 9.8%.

Interestingly, the preference for chicken took a crispy turn, overshadowing its soupy counterpart. Only 2% of respondents favored samgyetang, the traditional chicken soup, placing it at a humble 10th position.

This year's results echo a consistent trend, with fried chicken dominating the global taste buds in the annual survey jointly conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korean Food Promotion Institute.

While fried chicken continues to hold the top spot, kimchi remains the most recognized Korean dish globally, with 40.2% of respondents associating it as the quintessential Korean culinary delight. Following closely behind in recognition are bibimbap, Korean chicken, bulgogi, and Korean barbecue.

The survey also unveiled a growing familiarity with Korean cuisine, as 60% of respondents claimed to have a good understanding of Korean food. This upward trajectory marks a 2.4% increase from the previous year and signifies the fifth consecutive year of rising awareness.

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