Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol Confirm Breakup, Agencies Issue Statements, Netizens reacts!

Actors Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol have reportedly ended their relationship just two weeks after confirming their dating status.

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Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol Caught in Dating Rumours, Agencies Respond, Netizens Reacts

Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol Confirm Breakup, Agencies Issue Statements, Netizens reacts!

Korean media outlets revealed the news of their breakup on March 30, 2024. EDaily was the first to report the split, which was later confirmed by Ryu Jun Yeol's side to Sports Today.


Han So Hee's agency also released a statement addressing the breakup, citing their focus on their acting careers as the reason behind the decision. The agency expressed regret for any distress caused to the public and promised to support Han So Hee moving forward.

Here is the Statement Below:

“Han So Hee and actor Ryu Jun Yeol have broken up. They realized that their roles as actors are greater. They have promised not to waste any emotions on personal matters any longer.

Han So Hee has made both herself and the public suffer due to her personal feelings all this time. The way she communicated [with the public] was not right. She is sorry. She will duly receive whatever criticism [there is]. Moreover, our responsibility is huge, for not being able to care for our actor as her agency. The company failed in its role as a nesting place. We are reflecting. Although it is very late, we are trying to correct it from now on.

We hope you will look over her warmly. She will return again healthy.”



The news comes after Han So Hee posted a cryptic image on her personal blog, which many interpreted as a sign of her feelings about the breakup. 



Additionally, she responded to a fan's comment, appearing to lash out at Ryu Jun Yeol's behaviour during their dating controversy.



Fan: Good job, So Hee. I’m feeling all relieved on your behalf. Good thing you broke up! By dating an avoidant man who keeps his mouth shut, ultimately your insides will turn black like ashes… You did so well. Giving you pats for all the hurt you received all this while… I hope it heals well. He should’ve been weaned off diapers…

Han So Hee: You’re right. The person in question kept his mouth shut, while I was trying to do anything I could. As time passes, it’ll be forgotten anyway, or that’s what they say. But what to do? My fans are just as precious to me, so much that I can’t keep silent and just watch.

Ryu Jun Yeol, on the other hand, maintained a low profile throughout the breakup, with his only public statement being the confirmation of their split through his agency.


Fans and netizens have shared their reaction to the sudden end of the couple's relationship.

  • F*cking fast of him. He stood still when the two women were getting beaten to death.

  • His agency is good at their work. How clean.

  • Seems like he didn’t say “let’s talk more” about this one.

  • There were so many b*stards who were sh*tting on Hyeri after Han So Hee’s post yesterday, so I was worried that they would have to address it. Seems like they broke up instead. What a relief.

  • I’m not even a fan, but why does he have to even address [her post]? Please, can’t celebrities drop social media?

  • If I were him, firstly I would’ve been taken aback at “I find it funny too,” and a second time at her post from yesterday. There’s no way I would have not broken up after seeing it.


  • They said the wouldn’t address his personal life, but they’re so fast at addressing break ups.

  • *shivers*

  • Didn’t they say they wouldn’t address his personal life? LOOOOL.

  • Haha he hid all this while, but he’s fast at addressing this. A pathetic loser in more ways than one.

  • Now, do something about his position as a Greenpeace ambassador. Don’t think about just glossing it over ambiguously.

  • Seems like he dumped her because of yesterday’s post.

  • Dang, they should’ve gotten married. They’re meant for each other.

  • He’s so fast with addressing things like this.


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